Already in Lincoln

It's another week and after Nebraska missed on an official visitor last week at linebacker they seemingly make up for it in this surprise recruit. The trip for this true middle linebacker actually took place this morning and he is in Lincoln as we speak. Does Nebraska really have a shot at this player or is it inevitable that he will end up at LSU?

It's a good thing to have to scramble on a visitor or a commitment story. It means that something happened that you weren't anticipating. You could say that about the Earl Patin official visit to Nebraska.

The official visitor list seemed to be cut and dry, but the 6-foot-2 and 215 pound linebacker from Baton Rouge (La.) added his name to the list. The travel was simple as Patin and his team played on Thursday night.

"Yeah we won," Patin said. "We won 30-8. I had a good game tonight. I am starting at linebacker and the second string fullback. They don't want me to play too much, but I still get a lot of time in on offense."

The official visit hasn't been a long time in the works. With a game on Thursday night it leaves the weekend really open to not having film review on Saturday morning or a late game on Friday night.

"I am taking an official to Nebraska this week. I set it up on Sunday I think. Coach Phil Elmassian and I had been working on getting this set up."

Patin has been briefed a little about what to expect when he is in Lincoln for a game. His recruiting coach has been filling him in on what to expect and look for. Patin is looking forward to seeing all of it.

"Coach Elmassian told me it's a great atmosphere there and I am looking forward to seeing that, watching the game, seeing how the starting defense plays and meeting the coaches. I am going to be looking at a lot."

This is the first official visit for Patin and the only visit that he has scheduled right now. He has in mind the other four visits that he would like to take. "This is the only official visit that I have scheduled right now. I would like to go see Florida, Miami, Clemson and LSU."

Many believe that Patin is a guarantee to end up at LSU. Patin says otherwise. "I would put LSU and Nebraska as neck and neck as my leaders. Nebraska is up there."

When it comes to picking out a school there are some things that he will definitely have his eyes on. "I am looking at who is in front of me on the depth chart and at the education. Those are the big things that I am looking at."

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