No flaws in Nebraska for Williams

Williams was warned before he came to Nebraska that there "wasn't anything out there" and that Nebraska "didn't run the ball anymore". He got to see it all and got to compare everything but the game time environment to Pittsburgh, Florida, Florida State, Tennessee and some others. Even after seeing all of those other places Nebraska gets the highest marks in his book.

The birthday boy, Bo Williams, is sitting in the airport talking over how the weekend went with fellow official visitor Earl Patin. The 6-foot-2 and 205 pound running back from Oakland Park (Flor.) Northeast really enjoyed his time in Lincoln.

"I'm just sitting in the airport right now," Williams said. "Earl Patin and I are just sitting here together in the airport talking about the weekend."

"Everything went great this weekend; Lincoln, Nebraska, the game, the fans, the coaches; it was all great. I had never seen anything like it before in my life."

It was Bo's birthday today and while he wasn't able to spend it with his family yet the fans at Nebraska didn't let it go unnoticed that he was there on his birthday weekend. That really blew Bo away.

"This weekend was my birthday and they made posters like "Happy Birthday Bo" and they were wearing Happy Birthday hats and everything. It was wild. My dad's birthday was yesterday."

Nebraska had a good weekend again offensively and Bo got a real good luck at the Nebraska offense. The fans at the game though really impressed Williams with knowing about his past performances at Northeast.

"I could see myself as a running back at Nebraska. It's a great town! The fans love you. They knew about my game and were telling me good game against Ft. Lauderdale High School. How do they know that?"

"It was crazy. They were keeping up with my stats, yards and all that stuff. There was a lot of love. When Earl and I were checking into the hotel people were like "Hey Bo and Earl!". We just said ‘Wow!'. It was great."

Nebraska obviously showed well to Williams. In the end, he couldn't think of a single thing that was wrong with Nebraska. That is the biggest reason that Nebraska came away with a real high rating from Williams.

"There is nothing wrong with Nebraska. No flaws at all. It was a ‘10'. There was nothing wrong with it. It's a ‘10'. The fans are great. The coaches are great. The players are great. The facilities are great. It had no flaws. Nothing at all."

"I've been to Pitt, Florida, Florida State and Tennessee. Nebraska is the best. It's better than all of them. I did take unofficial to all of those other schools, but right now Nebraska is on top. It's a great school."

Williams was being pestered that he would not have a good time at Nebraska and that the new style of offense wouldn't suit Williams' abilities. Having seen it for himself he knows now that those people couldn't have been more wrong.

"Back home they were all telling me not to go to Nebraska. They said that they ran the West Coast Offense and don't run the ball. They said that Nebraska was in the middle of nowhere."

"I came to see it for myself and they pounded the ball every play. They ran the ball a lot. The tradition is back. Back to the way it was in ‘97. They went away for a couple of years, but now it's back. All of the backs got playing time. All four of them. They all got touches all day long."

This was Williams' first official visit, but on Friday he boarded his plane for the first time ever. Fortunately for Williams the first plan flight was the exact opposite to how the rest of the visit would go."

"Oh no, nope, my flight wasn't good; not at all! It was terrible. Really, I was terrified. Lady was holding my hand. I was like ‘Oh no!'. We got in the air and it was bumping and I was just thinking ‘Don't crash!'. I was freaking out real bad. My second flight was a little better, buy my first flight was ter-ri-ble!"

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