Another top score for Nebraska from Patin

A late addition to this weekend's list of official visitors, Earl Patin was blown away with the visit to Nebraska. Patin has had a chance to see a couple of schools so far, but nothing has compared to what he saw this weekend. Patin was sitting in the airport with Bo Williams when he spoke to Big Red Report about his visit.

Earl Patin had a game on Thursday night, which Baton Rouge (La.) won 30-8, and then was set to leave to go to Nebraska on Friday. Patin was just about ready to begin his trip home when Big Red Report caught up with him.

"I am waiting on my plane now," Patin said. "My plane leaves about 3:00."

"My trip went good. It was great. I liked it. It was the best at everything."

Patin does have some basis for comparison. He has been to see some other schools, but noted that this was his first official. "I have been to LSU, Auburn and a couple of others. This was my first official visit though."

Patin was blown away with the visit for several reasons. "The big things were the fans, the coaches, and the facilities. Everyone here loved us. They were calling our names. They all knew who we were."

"We didn't get to sign any autographs, but they were all saying that if it wasn't raining that we would have been signing autographs out there."

It rained during the game, but it didn't stop the Nebraska faithful from coming out. Patin noted that and said that after watching the linebackers on Saturday and talking to the coach that he could see himself playing there and the coach said that he could potentially play early.

"The game was great. It rained, but the stadium was still packed. It was good. I can see myself playing there. I got to know the linebacker coach all about it."

"We spoke about how I could probably see the field after this year. He said that there are two linebackers graduating this year and four next year. He told me that I could work and earn that position. I could be part of the Blackshirts."

Patin really liked the two hosts that he had and said that he and the other official visitor hung out a lot. "I had Barry Turner and Frantz Hardy for my hosts. They were cool to hang out. I got to meet Bo Williams too. He's hanging right here right now."

The visit received a top score from Patin, but he did not commit. He is going to take all of his visits and knows who will get the other four trips.

"It was a ‘10'. No doubt. I don't have any other official visits set up right now. I want to see LSU, Miami, Florida and Clemson. I don't know if I will get any more in during the season or not. We'll have to see how that plays out."

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