Lawrence says that it's still between two

There were rumors floating around about Blake Lawrence's visit to Kansas the very first week of the year. "Kansas is his leader!" or "Blake committed to Kansas!". Lawrence says don't read a lot into his first visit. While he is very interested in Kansas still he was there for a bigger reason than recruiting.

Shawnee Mission (Kan.) West has been playing very well this year. If you heard someone say that you would ultimately think that Blake Lawrence has had a lot to do with it. He has, but not in the way that you would have thought at first.

"We've been killing people," Lawrence said. "We have a really good team this year. I have been playing quarterback and safety this year."

The move back to safety was for a couple of reasons that Lawrence knows about. What it has yielded though was something that he probably couldn't have dreamed of.

"Yeah, they moved me back to safety because the way that our team is set up. We also have a lot of speed on our defense. I think that it was really about me not getting blocked that much. Personnel wise it works and I am fine with it too."

"The way it's worked out though, it's kind of unfortunate to be at safety. Right now our defense is doing so well. I haven't made any big hits, tackles or anything."

Although Lawrence hasn't had a huge part to do, directly, with the success of West's defense he has had an effect on opposing offenses in another way. Teams just refuse to challenge him.

"Our first team defense has given up one first down and 27 yards through two games. I played 15 plays on defense this past Friday. It's impossible to do anything. I haven't had a ball thrown my way and only two solo tackles with only five total (tackles)."

Lawrence has made up for the plays he's used to making on defense by making them on offense. He has been so successful in fact that he hasn't played past half in either game. "On offense I have had six touchdowns so far. It's fun. I have only played the first half of both games."

A lot was made about Lawrence's visit to Kansas for the first game of the year. Many thought it was an indicator of his favorite among the favorites. Some even said that he verballed that weekend. Lawrence had more than a recruiting trip on his mind that weekend.

"My brother goes to Kansas. I think people forget that. Even if Kansas wasn't recruiting me I would be at that game. Even if Kansas was out of the race for me I'd be at that game."

"I really wasn't there for the recruiting side of it. I wanted to see him run out onto the field for the first time. I wanted to have that whole experience. For me, it's more about getting to see my brother play than check out the campus and game."

Don't get Lawrence wrong, he liked his time that he spent in Lawrence, but in the end there was a bigger influence to his trip. "I'm not downgrading the visit. It's fine to go up there and to spend time in Lawrence. I really did it for my brother."

That visit is just the first of a few that Lawrence has planned to take a bit later in the year. Recently Lawrence was in touch with the Nebraska staff to talk about when they would like Lawrence to come in to get the most attention.

"I talked to Coach Kevin Cosgrove about scheduling an official and he said that their deal is that they like players to come to see the game. However, since we are so close he would like it to be an off week so he wouldn't be preparing with the team."

"He wants to talk with me and my family and everything. I still plan on visiting Nebraska for the Kansas game whether it's an official or an unofficial. I then plan on going up to see the Texas game as well and I am bringing up some of my teammates. They need to experience that type of environment."

Nebraska looks to be getting an official from Lawrence which may or may not fall on the Kansas or Texas game. The official to Kansas is a bit more cut and dry. "I plan on taking an official visit to Kansas for the Texas A&M game which is October 7 I think."

The race is tight and so far there has been little to really change the leader board. Lawrence says that he is still open, but it would even amaze him if he ended up anywhere other than Kansas or Nebraska.

"I still call Kansas and Nebraska my leaders. There haven't been too many other schools making a move. I am still open, but I consider those two schools my leaders. Unless something crazy happens I will be making my choice between those two."

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