Offer on the way to unofficial guest?

Everyone knows that Nebraska had two visitors in this past weekend officially. However, there was a fairly significant unofficial visitor that was there. On his visit he was asked to play another position than what he does right now and that was holding up an offer. What did the visitor say and when will he know about the potential offer from Nebraska?

Everyone knew about Bo Williams and Earl Patin in Lincoln, but Jayson Palmgren was also in town for the game. The 6-foot-2 and 280 pound lineman from Kansas City (Mo.) North was there on Saturday and back home that night.

"I got back from the game on Saturday," Palmgren said. "We don't live too far away. It was just an unofficial visit for the game."

It was an impressive performance by Nebraska and Palmgren took note. He noticed how the center was used and said that he really liked that the most.

"Nebraska steamrolled them. It was Nicholls State, but they still beat them. It was cool to see them dominate the line of scrimmage like they did. They pull their center a lot and that is what I like."

"Nebraska is looking at me to play center. I play tackle now. I figured I would be playing center or guard in college. I have played center before. I am the backup center now. It's not a big deal for me to move inside."

Other than how Nebraska used their center Palmgren got to see the Nebraska fans up close and personal. He recalled one situation that just blew him away.

"The fans. There were these two guys on official visits and it was one of their birthdays. The fans were wearing birthday caps up in the stands. It was the running back, Bo Williams. Earl Patin was there too."

It wasn't ideal conditions to watch a game in Lincoln this weekend, but for a football player any weather is ideal to play the game. "I was outside the entire time. I had a poncho. It didn't bother me."

Beyond the field and the weather Palmgren had a chance to check out the newly finished facilities in Lincoln. He had a chance to see part of them earlier this summer, but got a better look this past weekend.

"The facilities are awesome. It was my first chance to see them finished. I went up there for an Adidas combine, but I only got to see their indoor facility and the weight room wasn't done yet. It looks awesome."

Palmgren also got a chance to talk some of the coaches in great depth. "I got a chance to talk with Bill Callahan for like 30 minutes. I spoke to Coach Kevin Cosgrove as well. I think that I spoke to Coach Dennis Wagner the longest."

One of the topics that was discussed was the offer and what position Palmgren would play at Nebraska. Up until this weekend it hasn't been discussed by both parties.

"They haven't offered me yet. They wanted to ask me in person if I wanted to play center. I told them "Yes!". They were going to go talk to their head coach and they were going to call me tomorrow, I think."

Without the Nebraska offer right now there are five other schools that have tendered offers. Clearly without the Nebraska offer still they are way up on the leader board for Palmgren.

"I am up to five offers right now, but if they offer that makes six. I have offers from Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Kansas State and Arkansas. My favorites are probably Nebraska, Missouri and Arkansas."

When Nebraska calls to discuss the offer there was the official visit to Nebraska to talk about as well. "I am going to take an official to Nebraska. We are going to work that out when they call."

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