Another Grixby coming down the pipe

There are few names recently that have had longer runs with Nebraska football than Grixby. Sure maybe the Ruud's or Makovicka'a could make a case, but the third Grixby now is holding an offer from Nebraska as a junior. The standout from Omaha (Nebr.) Central says that there isn't any pressure to be a Husker from his brothers, but growing up in Nebraska it's hard not to.

Ronnell Grixby from Omaha (Nebr.) Central is the third in a list of brothers to be stand out prep players in the state of Nebraska. The 5-foot-9 and 190 pound Grixby has similar athleticism and speed to his brothers before him with a 4.5/40.

He shares something else in common with DeAntae and Cortney and that he has now picked up a Nebraska offer and could follow in their footsteps down to Lincoln. It was good to get that first offer according to Grixby.

"I received a Nebraska offer on September 1," Grixby said. "It felt good because it's from my home state school and that they want me. I also have that first offer and have a place to go."

The offer from Nebraska came on the first day that juniors could receive written offers. The offer kind of caught him by surprise. Not about actually getting the written offer, but more so the timing.

"Yes and no. I kind of had an idea that I might be getting one. I just didn't know when I would receive it. The timing and how quickly I got it surprised me the most."

Grixby currently lines up about everywhere on the field for Central. That is one of the reasons that Nebraska has him pegged as just an athlete right now. A player with this type of versatility has tremendous value to whatever team he's on.

"Right now Nebraska just has me down as an athlete. I am playing a lot of positions this year at Central. I play running back, free safety, kick return, punt return and I am the punter. I do a bit of everything. Running back is the key position that I play."

Central is transitioning right now under a new system and a new coach. The season has started a bit rough, but recently things might have come together some and could have the team believing in themselves.

"We got a new head coach and got off to a bit of a rough start. We lost our first two games, but just won a game. I think that the recent win really boosted us and out confidence levels."

Grixby's season so far could be going a little bit better too, but he has had a share of some medical issues. In the first and last games he has only played a half of each game.

"I think in the North game that I had seven carries for 80 yards and one touchdown. I didn't play in the second half because of spasms. Against Prep I can't remember what I had, but that was a tough loss. Against Benson I had about 70 yards and a score in that game, but left the game with an ankle sprain."

If Grixby chose Nebraska he might get slotted to play a position when he got there based on a need on the field. Grixby has equal love for playing either side of the football.

"I don't know. It's hard right now. I love playing running back so much, but I love playing safety too. It wouldn't make a difference to me if Nebraska told me that they wanted me to play running back or safety."

Grixby has had a chance to take in an unofficial visit already to Nebraska. He definitely noted the upgrades to the north stadium and heard the extra fans.

"I was at the first game for Louisiana Tech. It was a real good experience. There was an extra 10,000 people in the stadium. It's a great atmosphere."

"The facilities are really nice. They are by far the best facilities that I have ever seen. I liked them a lot. I really liked their locker room."

There is nothing like having an older sibling to go to for advice. It's first hand and in this case both of Ronnell's brothers have blazed a path into college football like he is on his way to doing. He has heard both of their stories about Lincoln.

"They have enjoyed their experiences there at Nebraska. My brothers have each had a different head coach, but the oldest brother told me about the relationships among the players and the coaches. Cortney is on the team now and has given me good vibes about the team now."

Ronnell mentioned that there isn't any pressure from either of his brothers or any family member to just become a Husker and get it over with. This is his decision and he will do what's best for him. "My brothers aren't going to pressure me or tell me what to do. I am going to go where I want to go and feel the most comfortable."

While the pressure isn't there for Ronnell the thought about fulfilling a dream is. "Yeah, it really started with my oldest brother and looking up to him. He was a die hard fan, always wanted to be a Husker and ended up being a Husker."

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