Huskers and Irish offer in-state standout

The offers on September 1 really caught Trevor Robinson a bit by surprise. The lineman from Elkhorn (Nebr.) will be a pursued recruit for the next two years or until he decides to commit. However, that doesn't seem to be anytime soon as he is planning unofficial visits now and is thinking about camps next summer.

One of the best players in the summer camp at Nebraska was Trevor Robinson from Elkhorn (Nebr.). Robinson was going to be a junior, but still showed that he could play with the big boys. That is evident by the offers he picked up already.

"On September 1 I got offers from Notre Dame and Nebraska," Robinson said. "I camped at both of those schools this past summer. I just picked up an offer from Boston College."

The exposure to a team like Notre Dame really came on the heels of a summer trip that brought him to about five camps. One day after another he took the field and threw down with the best at each camp.

"I was just trying to get to as many camps as I could and it just worked out that way. I got to Iowa, Ohio State, Michigan and I did all of them with Notre Dame and Nebraska in a span of a week. We just kept driving to the next one."

September 1 was literally the first day that a written offer could be tendered to a junior. The offers took Robinson by surprise, but he did think that they would come eventually. Which one surprised him the most might shock you.

"I did not think that I would get anything until a lot later than that. I thought that a lot of schools would wait to see some games of my junior season. I contacted the coordinator at Notre Dame and he wanted my transcript and class schedule so I thought they might be looking at me pretty good."

"I was actually the most surprised by the Nebraska one. I didn't think that they were up to offer someone when they were this young. I didn't talk to the coaches at Nebraska as I did at Notre Dame. I guess that I really didn't expect either of them though."

The offer to Robinson by Nebraska may have surprised him, but Robinson did perform very well at the camp in Lincoln. He got a chance to go head's up with the best lineman that were at camp and won his fair share of battles.

"I did pretty well, but there were a lot of kids there. I spoke to Coach Bill Callahan while I was at camp. I guess one of the reasons I thought that I did so well was when we got to the one on ones a lot of the other players that were there went to defense and I stayed on offense and got to compete against the best guys there."

Growing up in Nebraska it's hard not to follow the Cornhuskers. Elkhorn has had a fine tradition of having players get recruited by Nebraska.

"Yeah, absolutely. There are people that I went to high school that are going there and they are the team that I grew up watching every week so you definitely think about it."

"Jay Moore and Kyle Moore live just down the street from me. I hung out with Kyle a lot before left. I spoke to him just a couple of days ago and he says that he likes it there in Lincoln."

This summer Robinson might know where one of his camps is already because he missed it last summer. He has already taken in one unofficial visit and will be on another this weekend to see a heck of a game.

"I haven't given that much thought about it. I want to get out to Wyoming. I went to the Kansas one day line camp and I was just going to go to Wyoming afterward, but I wasn't feeling too good."

"I went to the Louisiana Tech game in Lincoln and in South Bend for the Michigan game. The week after that I will be at Kansas State."

At Nebraska Robinson was able to see the new facilities and take part in the tunnel walk. "You can see the new facilities, new Tom Osborne Center, new tunnel walk and they had all of the recruits go through the tunnel walk and look at all of the new stuff. It was a great experience."

Elkhorn is a powerhouse at the Class B level. So far they have beaten the number one and number seven teams in the state in their class. "We are doing pretty well so far, we're 2-0. We played the number one teams in the state in week one and beat them. We just beat one of our big rivals, Gretna, and they were number seven."

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