Blue set for his official visit

Nebraska has been searching for some good, physical defensive backs to come in and be part of the system at Nebraska. Anthony Blue was one of the first to answer this call after taking an unofficial to Lincoln this summer. The Huskers are looking forward to hosting Blue again and he is not coming alone to Lincoln.

If you ask anyone in the Dallas metroplex who some of the better teams are more than likely one of the teams on the list would be Cedar Hill (Texas). Anthony Blue is one of the big reasons why Cedar Hill is such a good time.

"Our season has been going pretty good," Blue said. "Personally, my first game was so good. My second and third games have been very good. I really don't know my stats."

Blue has seen teams come at him and then not try him again at all. Call it adjustments through a team's mistake. Other teams have learned not to come at Blue.

"In the first game they threw to my side a lot and they completed three passes to my side. The second team didn't throw to my side unless we were in zone and in the last game they came to my side just twice."

Blue's presence on the field is bigger than interceptions or stats. Blue takes care of half of the field for a defense. "I don't have any interceptions. I have a couple of pass break-ups so far. I wouldn't no how many tackles I had though."

Blue was up in Lincoln earlier this summer and shortly after the visit he committed. Nebraska is expecting as an official visitor this coming weekend and he's bringing an important guest.

"Me and William Cole are going up to Lincoln for the Troy game. I heard that Patrick Witt would be up there that weekend too."

"I saw a lot of Lincoln this summer. I have also been watching all of their games on TV. I just want to go ahead and see what I missed and have a good time."

"When I saw the facilities this summer they were still under construction. Now that they are done I am looking forward to seeing them again. I want to see how they turned out."

Blue has seen the Nebraska games that have been on TV. He said that the team has been looking good, but he has seen one issue that he might be able to help.

"It looks like they are struggling a bit at the defensive back position and I just want to help out. I would like to make the position stronger and be part of a winning tradition."

"The coaches are saying that the best players are going to see the field and that there will be some open spots for playing time. There's not a lot of depth there either."

Blue said that he has a feeling about Cole's official visit to Nebraska. "I think when he sees it he's going to go ahead and commit. It's a great opportunity for him to get a good education and be part of a great team."

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