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If you want them big, he is. If you want them good, he's that. If you want the total package in terms of tackles at the high school level, a lot of analysts seem to agree that Russell Foster fits the bill. Quick feet, good strength, good at both pass blocking and run blocking. Foster seems to be potentially a major find for anyone that gets him. Now, it's just a question as to who.

Russell Foster Profile

Russell Foster - OL - 6-6, 290, 5.0/40 - Chula Vista, CA. (Bonita Vista) - Size doesn't matter. Try telling that to defensive linemen that try to get around this giant. Russell isn't just big, he's also talented. Talented enough to have him considered to be one of the top line prospect on the entire west coast. On the entire west coast? Not much more you need to say.

When talking to a lot of these standout football players, they have a myriad of criteria when it comes to the school they choose at the next level. It's either the weather has to be good, there has to be a lot to do in the city closest to that school or it has to be close to home. Or, the school has to win a lot of games, have a lot of fans and be in bowls every single year. For Foster, "I don't really care." And, that's about all of it. "I like all weather and I don't care where it is." Foster stated. "I just really want to play football."

With such a single-minded philosophy, Foster is equally open as to his schools. Though he does have teams that he likes, Foster stated, "Any school that takes a look at me, I will take a look at them." A lot of the schools right now looking at Foster are Arizona, Colorado, Colorado State, Miami, Oklahoma and Nebraska, just to name a few. Arizona is the lone offer at this time. Why? Well, Foster admitted that his attention span towards school (as a freshman) wasn't what it should have been and now, he's just trying to catch up. With Summer school being used towards bettering his grades and a goal of at least 1000 on his SATs (he actually wants to get an 1100), Russell is poised to get his academics right where they need to be.

But, what does this young man have, that has schools waiting with bated breathe for his grades to achieve the level where they can start throwing offers at him like confetti? He's a stud. Pretty simply put, this young man isn't rated as high as he is for no reason. He's one of the best on the west coast because he flat out gets it done. As for what Russell thinks of what he does best, and you wouldn't be surprised at the motivation behind this philosophy. "I don't rant and rave like a lot of players do" Foster stated. "I just do my job, shut up and walk off the field and my coach tells me I did a good job." Russell doesn't even let, getting beat, get to him because of that very same reason. "I get mad (if they get around me) and I don't want it to happen again, because I don't want the coach to get mad at me."

Based on the situation with qualifying, this is an obvious "wait and see" situation. Foster is confident, but not so confident, that he is scheduling officials, planning unofficial visits and the like. He's taking it day by day, doing what needs to be done in school and simply going from there. "I'm just totally open right now (when it comes to the schools he's considering) and just seeing how it all plays out."

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