Huskers catching up with big time JC safety

Like so many before him, this safety has gotten a little lost in the folds of college football. Out of high school though, he was one of the most highly sought after safety recruits in the nation. He committed to Florida State, but ended up at junior college in Kansas. Where is he now and what does he think about the Huskers?

A once four-star rated safety out of high school, Madison (Flor.) Madison County, Jonathan Warren has gone from El Dorado (Kan.) Butler J.C. to Thatcher (Ariz.) Eastern Arizona. He is playing free safety and has EAC off to a good start.

"The season for me has been going pretty good," Warren said. "We're 3-1 right now and I have been playing free safety."

No interceptions so far for Warren, but he has let a couple of them go through his hands. "I don't really know what my stats are. I know that I don't have any interceptions yet, but I dropped a couple though."

The road is never straight. For Warren, from Florida it went to Kansas then out to Arizona. He is making the most of it though and met all of the players that were at Butler who are now at Nebraska.

"I was at Butler before. I got some friends that I knew from Butler that came out here. At Butler I ran into some financial aid problems so I came out here. I followed Jonathan Woodard out here from Butler"

"I know all of the guys from Butler that went up to Nebraska. There's Kenny Wilson, Zac Taylor, Justin Tomerlin and Frantz Hardy. Yeah, I know all of them."

Warren is going through a bit of a similar process that he went through in high school. He has seen a bit of a pick up in interest too after being found again at EAC.

"Recruiting has been heating up over the past couple of weeks. I have been picking up a couple of offers lately. I got an offer from South Carolina the other night and one from Arkansas. I also got one from Hawaii and Kansas."

There are already two visits set up for Warren. "I have a visit set up for TCU at the end of the month. After that I have Middle Tennessee."

A team that Warren has stayed in touch with a lot recently is Nebraska. He knows some people already up there and he knows a little bit about the program already.

"I keep up with Nebraska a lot. I like their program and of course I know a lot of the guys up there. The coaches have been talking to me a lot. They want me to take a visit. They are telling me that they are interested in me."

If he gets the chance, expect Warren to take one of his five official visits to Nebraska. "No doubt I would be interested in taking a visit up there to Nebraska. I want to. No doubt."

While Warren has a lot going for him just being a great player he might have as much going for him with this little nugget. "I will finish up here at Eastern Arizona and December and can enroll for the January semester."

Nebraska isn't after just Warren, in fact, they have already offered another defensive back at EAC. "Armando Murillo and I are really the only two players from Eastern that are being recruited from Nebraska. I think that he is coming in for an official in a couple of weeks."

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