Huskers possibly hosting big DT this weekend

A top priority this year for Nebraska's recruiting class will be getting in some high school defensive line prospects. There is a chance that Nebraska might not just have one this weekend for an official, but two. The first was Christian Tupou from Sacramento (Calif.) Grant Union and possibly this player from Louisiana.

One of the top defensive prospects for Nebraska is Rolando Melancon. The 6-foot-2 and 265 pound tackle from Lutcher (La.) has an amazing 40 time at 4.8 seconds. He is having a great year so far and Lutcher is undefeated.

"The season is going real good right now," Melancon said. "We are off to a 3-0 start. We are playing some good ball. They are all out of district games right now."

"I have like 25 tackles in three games. I have two sacks. I have a lot of tackles behind the line of scrimmage. I just don't know how many of them though."

Looking at Melancon on paper and that speed pops out at you. However, listening to him describe his best abilities he doesn't mention his speed until the very end of the list.

"My awareness. It's also my quickness off of the ball. When I get my hands on a ball carrier they are going down. It's also my speed. It might be mostly my speed."

Recruiting has started back up for recruits and Melancon mentioned that things are pretty busy for him. There are the phone calls and the texts that he gets on his cell phone. He mentioned that he is trying to set up his first official.

"The coaches get to call every so often. I get a lot of text messages too from all of the schools. I am trying visit set up this weekend for Nebraska."

Nebraska is a team that Melancon is pretty fond of and mostly because of the efforts of the recruiting coach from Nebraska. You'd think that coach that is also his potential position coach would like to talk about football the most.

"This would be my first time up there to Nebraska. I talk to Coach John Blake a lot. He's a really nice guy. Talking to him we barely talk about football."

"Coach Blake says the things that I want to hear. He says at Nebraska that he can make me a better man and things like that. Bettering myself at things other than just on the football field. That is what I want to hear."

Beyond the recruiting coach and Melancon really hitting it off he knows a little about what to expect if he takes an official to Nebraska. He has been briefed about the fans and the new facilities in Lincoln.

"I really only know about Nebraska's fans. I know that they are crazy. Coach was telling me about the new facilities. I think that he told me about a big jumbo-tron. I really want to experience the atmosphere."

When Melancon makes his decision it will be because of a couple key things that he will be looking for. "I want to feel like I fit in with the coaches. I also want to find a place that has my major. I am definitely going to look at how early I can play. Just things like that."

If Nebraska gets an official this weekend then it will be one of at least three that he knows he will take. "I am definitely going to take visits to Michigan and Tennessee. Those two are definitely getting visits."

"Michigan, Tennessee, LSU of course, Nebraska definitely, and Florida are really my top schools. I think that I will take all of my visits, but I really don't know if I will need all of them."

There is a chance, albeit a small one, that if Melancon takes that trip this weekend that he could commit. "If I take a visit to Nebraska and think that I see enough I might see myself committing. I guess it will come down to me feeling like whenever the time is right."

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