Cole accompanying Blue up to Lincoln

You want speed? William Cole has it. A lot of it. He isn't a true quarterback, but at Cedar Hill (Texas) they are putting the ball in the hands of the best athlete on the field every down. He has picked up some passing yards, but his days of playing in college are either at wide receiver or cornerback. He will be up in Lincoln this weekend with his teammate for an official visit.

William Cole states that he has a 4.5/40, but if you have ever seen his film he looks like he is in fast forward on the field. He plays quarterback now for Cedar Hill (Texas) and is leading his team very well so far.

"We're 3-0 right now," Cole said. "I am playing quarterback. I know that I have 249 passing yards total with five touchdowns. I have 540 yards rushing with more touchdowns."

At 5-foot-11 and about 175 pounds Cole doesn't project to play quarterback at the next level. He knows that and is looking forward to the adjustment he will have to make.

"Most teams are looking at me to play wide receiver at the next level. I think I can make that adjustment. I want to play either receiver or cornerback in college."

Recruiting calls picked back up with the start of September and in some of those calls he has discussed official visits. Cole is actually set for his first official visit this weekend.

"It's been busy. I have been talking to a lot of coaches. I will actually be going on an official visit to Nebraska this week. I am going with Anthony Blue."

Cole has some ideas about what Nebraska might be like. He has a fellow teammate that is committed to Nebraska and will actually be traveling to Lincoln together.

"I hope that Nebraska is what Anthony Blue has been saying that it is. I probably won't go up there and make my decision though. Nebraska probably won't convince me."

If Cole were to decide on Nebraska eventually he has a pretty good idea that he could get on the field quickly. While his first answer was at a position, ultimately it might be because of special teams.

"I think that if I am playing receiver there that I could basically come out my freshman year and play. I also play special teams and could do punt return and kickoff return. If I played defense I could get on the field too."

This visit will be to sort through the depth chart and graduation rate. To see some of the details about the school. However, Cole is looking forward to finally seeing the field and the facilities in person.

"I want to see the depth chart at cornerback and receiver when I get to Lincoln. I also want to talk to someone about their graduation rate. I know that Nebraska has really good facilities. When I get there on Friday I am excited to get a chance to see it."

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