Ian Harris receives top honor

Thousands upon thousands of senior high school football players hope to be one the 80 players to be called a U.S. Army All-American. The honor speaks for itself just from a number perspective. Today for Ian Harris this goal is a reality. Harris talks about the goal, the honor and what this means for his recruitment and Nebraska's commitment class.

To date, only a handful of players nationally have been added to the U.S. Army All-American roster. Ian Harris adds his name to a very exclusive list of players for this year's class and historically.

"I found out about the selection my coach," Harris said. "My head coach called me into his office about a month ago and he told me he had good news for me. I was wondering what it could be."

"He told me that me and my quarterback were selected to be U.S. Army All-Americans. He said that it all had to remain very quiet though and to just tell family about my selection. My family was really happy for me."

The honor to be called a "U.S. Army All-American" is something that few can describe or to do it justice. However, Ian Harris does about as good of job as you will find.

"It means a lot. You watch all of the games that they have had and you can see all of the great players that have come through. You see all of these great players come through and do well at the college level."

"This means a lot to me. You want to go on from here and do well on the college level. Hopefully it's something that translates as well to me as it has to others. A lot of players that have gone through have had success."

While individually, this is one of many achievements that a player might hope to earn in a year. Looking at the team level though there is usually a lot of season left to play and Harris and San Antonio (Texas) Churchill are off to a great start.

"Definitely a state championship. Right now we are 4-0 and it's the first time in 10 years that our high school has been 4-0. Weren't not settling for anything less than a district championship of course."

"We feel that with the talent that we have on our team that we are not settling for anything less than a state championship. Besides the team goals obviously I want district honors. Hopefully if we get that far I want state honors."

Sometimes, becoming a U.S. Army All-American can open a lot of doors. Doors that an uncommitted player might have been waiting on. Harris though is a commitment and reinforced that he is solid to Nebraska despite his selection.

"I am still solid to Nebraska. I am still a commit to Nebraska. As soon as I get a chance to let the coaches now about my selection I am sure that they will be thrilled about it."

Beyond Harris saying that he is solid to Nebraska he hopes that Nebraska can use his selection to the game to their advantage. There are advantages to teams having U.S. Army All-Americans in their recruiting classes.

"I hope that this gets Nebraska recruiting going. I hope that this gets a lot of recruits looking at Nebraska knowing that they have a U.S. Army All-American caliber player. I really hope that this helps the Nebraska process as well."

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