Amie set to visit Nebraska

Nebraska was supposed to host Amie earlier in the season. However, some things kept that from happening. Nebraska is now set to host the athletic WR/TE prospect from Tyler (Texas) Lee this weekend for the Big 12 conference opener in Lincoln. Amie admits that he is excited about the visit.

One of the best athletes in the country has rescheduled his visit to see Lincoln. Jacob Amie is fast enough to play wide receiver at the next level and big enough to play tight end. The 6-foot-4.5 and 220 pound standout from Tyler (Texas) Lee is having a good season so far.

"The season is going good, but I am not getting the ball though," Amie said. "I got a touchdown on Friday though. It was for 33 yards. I caught it at like 18 and ran it in. We are 4-1 on the season so far."

"We lost to Euless Trinity, but we could have beat them. We were winning 21-7 or whatever at half and then the referees took over. They got us good. I caught a 75 yard touchdown and they called it back. They said that I went out of bounds or something."

Amie committed before the season started to Texas Tech. However, Amie is still going to be making his trips to be sure about his decision. He is heading north for an official this weekend.

"Yeah, I am heading to Nebraska this weekend. I want to meet all of the coaches when I get up there to Lincoln. I also want to get some more information about some things."

"I also want to see how they plan to use me in their offense. I haven't got a chance to watch them on TV this year. I see that they have a couple of sophomore or juniors coming back. That's the kind of information I want."

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