Glover taking official visit #2

One of the top prospects in the Midwest is undoubtedly Jared Glover. He has a size and speed combination that is very rare. He has the ability to either come in and play linebacker immediately or grow into playing defensive end or even tight end potentially. His abilities and talents are obvious and he is going to check out a Big 12 team this weekend.

First it was the SEC and Arkansas. This weekend Jared Glover will get to see Nebraska take on Kansas in a Big XII match up. The 6-foot-4.5 and 215 pound athlete from Bixby (Okla.) is having a great season through four games.

"We're doing really well," Glover said. "We're 3-1. We lost to Jenks. They are 6A and we are a 5A team. To be honest, if our offense threw the ball a bit more we would have had a chance to beat them. It was 14-14 halfway through the 3rd quarter."

It's a big jump from 5A to 6A in Oklahoma for those that don't know. Just the fact that Bixby was in it that late, and possibly could have been in a better position to win that game, is a great indicator as to how good Bixby actually is this year.

"Yes, sir it's not common to play up a class and play that well. We have a very good team this year. It's a great team. I have been playing both ways. I play linebacker on defense and tight end on offense. I have 53 tackles and eight sacks through four games. On offense I have 12 catches for about 200 yards and four scores."

Glover has been on one official visit so far and is ready to take his second trip this weekend. This might be his second official visit, but this will actually be the third time that Glover will see Lincoln.

"I am going on my second official this weekend to Nebraska. I already went to see Arkansas. Nebraska plays Kansas this weekend and I wanted to see Nebraska play a Big XII game. It's also a night game."

"I have been up to Nebraska already a couple of times. I have heard all about the game atmosphere up there when it comes to their game days. I want to see it for myself. I got to see the facilities as a completed product the week that I was there. They were just about ready to start fall practice."

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