Tupou comments on trip to Nebraska

If you were a running back or a defensive lineman you had to enjoy the win Saturday night over Troy. Christian Tupou saw the defensive line bring relentless pressure on the Troy quarterback and got to see an attacking style defense. There were some things that stood out to Tupou about his trip to Lincoln.

It was a long weekend for Anthony Blue who visited Nebraska and Christian Tupou delivered a similar report. The 6-foot-2 and 285 pound defensive end from Sacramento (Calif.) Grant Union high school is feeling a bit more rested now.

"I'm doing good now," Tupou said. "I got laid over in Denver. Something was going on in Kansas City and that held it back. There was some snow up that way."

Other than the layover that caused Tupou to be a little late getting home the trip went well. If there was a bad thing about the trip it would be about the long day and being tired.

"The trip went alright. It was a long trip. Saturday was a long day. Had to travel all day Saturday and then see the game that night."

"I liked the trip though. I made a real close bond with Coach John Blake. I liked him a lot. I only spoke to him maybe two times, but it felt like I had been playing for him for five years. There is something about him."

Nebraska went out and really dominated a Troy team that previously had stayed with their competition at Florida State and Georgia Tech. Tupou admitted that they play of the defensive line and running backs caught his eye.

"Basically all I was watching was the running back, Marlon Lucky, and the defensive line. That was most of the game. They all did well. They kept hitting the quarterback."

"I think that I would fit in alright in that scheme. I have played in some different defenses and I think that it wouldn't be a problem trying to fit into theirs."

Tupou had a defensive lineman as a host, but admitted that he didn't get to spend a lot of time with him. Early thoughts here might be a lack of Polynesian players kept him out of some social interaction with players at Nebraska.

"My host was Ndamukong Suh. Being that we had to get up early in the morning and it was right after my game I was just tired. I didn't go out on Saturday. I stayed in. I got to see about all I wanted to see."

"When it comes to Polynesian players I look at it two different ways. I look at it as a want and a need. I want to play with Polynesian players, but I don't need to play with them. It would be nice, but it's not necessary."

The visit overall to Tupou gets a fairly high mark despite him not taking in all of the activities and the long trip. "I would rate the visit as either a '7' or an '8'. I had a good time."

Tupou has two other trips planned. He is leaving the last two open because he has heard that more offers might follow after the season.

"I am going to go to Arizona and to BYU. I am going to go to Arizona in October and to BYU in January. I don't know where I will take the last two visits. I am not sure yet. My coach seems to think that more will offer after the season."

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