One from Chaminade set to visit Nebraska

It's a tough sale. Not the traceling from Florida to come see Nebraska, but it is Hollywood (Flor.) Madonna Chaminade Prep School's homecoming Friday night with the dance on Saturday. Instead of going to the dance this Chaminade player will be headed to Nebraska for an official.

Nebraska must have done a great job of selling the official to Eain Smith from Hollywood (Flor.) Madonna Chaminade Prep School. Smith is coming to Nebraska this weekend over attending his senior homecoming that Saturday night.

"I am going to make it this weekend," Smith said. "Auguste isn't coming this weekend. I think that he is coming back for the Texas game."

"I am definitely going. I know that Akeem was talking about not rushing things, but I have confirmed things with the coaches at Nebraska. I just spoke to Coach John Blake."

Coach Blake has been heading up the recruiting of Smith and Akeem Auguste. Smith had some good things to say about how Coach Blake has been approaching him.

"Coach John Blake is real down to Earth. He is more like talking to one of our friends than a college football coach. It's not even like talking to a coach. It's great. He's very down to Earth."

"We talk about football, but we talk about life in general. We talk about what it takes in life to be successful and how to make football key to that and getting your education. He tells you to take things day by day."

Chaminade plays Friday night which usually means for a long day on Saturday and recruits sometimes have to give up other personal activities for the trips. Smith is making a pretty big sacrifice.

"We play on the afternoon Friday night. It's our homecoming game. Our homecoming dance is on Saturday. I am going to miss the homecoming, but it's not like I am going to be missing anything serious."

Coming from Florida, Smith is interested in checking out some key things on his recruiting trip. "I am going to try and check out the environment and see how Nebraska is. I just want to see if it's a family environment."

Smith is widely regarded as one of the top safeties in Florida and the nation. Last year he finished with 70 tackles and two sacks.

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