Big recruiting weekend for Nebraska

This is the biggest recruiting date for Nebraska, by far, until the Texas game comes around. Nebraska is expecting at least six visitors and maybe more with a late official or two. While the total is still uncertain, Big Red Report will give you what can Husker fans expect of the weekend.

This is a weekend that really was back and forth as the week went along. First, Big Red Report reported that Jeremy Kerley would be coming in and that visit was pushed back. You can also include Coffeyville (Kan.) standouts Gary Chandler and Larry Asante to that list.

Then, later in the week the names of two Hollywood (Flor.) Chaminade Madonna Prep School players surfaced as potential visitors, Eain Smith and Akeem Auguste. There was also another defensive back from the other coast that was very close to making the trip in this weekend.

There are also two names from Texas that will be scheduled to come in at a later time. William Cole of Cedar Hill (Texas) and Jacob Amie of Tyler (Texas) Lee were both scheduled for this weekend. However, both will come in on later dates this year, along with the rest of the recruits that have had their date slip from this weekend.

Through all of those turns, and the changing of the official visit of Joseph Townsend from an official to an unofficial due to NCAA rules, there are at least still four four-star and two three-star recruits expected to be in Lincoln this weekend and maybe more.

So what is there to talk about? Who will commit? Who won't? Who would surprise me if they committed? Who wouldn't surprise me if they committed? Who will eventually commit, but not this weekend. Who will Nebraska make up the most ground with? Who did Nebraska potentially miss on? Let's get started.

My pick for the "you will be missed" portion of this weekend has to be William Cole. Now, I am not sure why his weekend slipped again. Regardless, Cole is a player. The problem might be that he is a player at a position that he won't be playing in college.

Today, Cole lines up under center for Cedar Hill (Texas). In college, Cole was being looked to play either wide receiver or cornerback more than likely. You just have to project him there. I have seen film on Cole and he has a fifth gear that he gets to in about three or four steps.

Either way, this is the second time that a weekend has come up for this trip and it's been missed. Now, the word has it that Cole will either be coming in on the Texas or Missouri weekend, but I will believe that when I see it.

There are some other big losses out there like Jeremy Kerley, Larry Asante and Gary Chandler. Kerley is out this weekend because his mom wants to see Nebraska. That is a great sign. Things got kicked back with the two from Coffeyville because of a high school transcript. They will come back and they weren't going to commit this weekend.

Who will Nebraska make up the most ground with? I think that Nebraska might have been slipping or bit, or was never really out in front for, Armando Murillo. The reason why I say that is because of his thoughts of grandeur of jumping right to the NFL from Eastern Arizona J.C. Yeah right.

Murillo is good, but there isn't anyone in my opinion that can make that jump. I see that also as an indication of almost a lack of interest in the teams that he is recruiting and maybe the want to "bee-bop" through a 4-year institution or treat it more like a rest stop than anything.

I don't see this as being a problem that Murillo has had with Nebraska per say, but with having to continue school overall. It's kind of ironic too, because I believe that Murillo was a qualifier out of high school and actually had good grades. I guess that there comes a time though when school could wear on some people. This might open his eyes though.

I believe that the weekend could propagate down to Akeem Auguste from Eain Smith if he chooses not to visit much like it did with William Cole when Anthony Blue visited. While it would be great to really have a good visit weekend for Eain Smith, the real value in this visit may be what he can tell Auguste about the trip.

The "who will commit, but not this weekend" obviously goes to Blake Lawrence. Now, I like Blake. I think that he is a natural SAM and we don't have a lot of those. This will be Lawrence's fourth or fifth trip to Nebraska and if he visits again before he commits he gets a free set of steak knives. Just kidding.

Lawrence obviously won't be committing this weekend because he has said that he will visit Kansas next weekend and then make a decision in the following week(s). This visit though is a great weekend for Lawrence to get up there. There is little doubt to me that Lawrence will hit it off with Glover and unofficial visitor Patrick Witt (if Witt makes it).

The choice for who wouldn't surprise me if they committed goes to Joseph Townsend. It looked to be a huge setback to get Townsend to visit after an NCAA rule popped up prohibited non qualifiers out of high school without a full year of junior college can not take official visits. However, the Townsend's just decided to foot the bill.

Now, Joseph has had some prep work down by his brother Larry, who played at Nebraska in the early 90s, and actually getting to see it will do Joseph some good. I think that he will be most impressed with the facilities and the finished products of Jay Moore and Adam Carriker as defensive ends. His footing of the bill indicates his want to visit and his thoughts on Nebraska.

There are really only two players that I could put on the list of surprising commits if they decide to do it this weekend. The first would be Eain Smith. Smith will be taking just his first official, but you have some idea as to how he looks at this official visit. He is missing his homecoming night to take this trip. You have to be interested in somewhere to do that.

The second players is Marcus Mendoza. I am wondering where Mendoza kind of fits in right now and if he's not a recruit that Nebraska is looking more at as an athlete to play offense, defense and special teams. I believe that he also has his eyes on a couple more official visits and that's why I don't think that his weekend ends with a commit.

The who won't commit award goes to Armando Murillo. I just don't have a warm-fuzzy here and I am not sure why. I think that Murillo will see that there is a need for depth at Nebraska for cornerbacks and that he could obviously play there, but I think that he wants a paved road to a starting job. I also think that as teams get into this race that are closer to home that they will have an effect on him.

And last, but not least, who will commit this weekend. I believe that Nebraska will get two from this weekend and my choices are Anthony Wright and Jared Glover. Wright is a player that plays running back and cornerback now, but I believe that he has tremendous upside at another position. If you watch his film I think that you will see it too.

Wright is a pretty big hitter and plays well in space. Also, if you watch his film you will see that he has a longer frame and is one of the bigger players on the field. I believe that Wright will come to Nebraska and potentially start his career as a cornerback or safety. Either way, I think that he has the frame to eventually be playing as a linebacker. You have to like his upside.

That brings me to Jared Glover. I don't know what it is about this weekend that makes me say that he will commit. Call it a hunch. I believe that Nebraska has been doing a great job of selling the situation to Glover between the weeks of Glover's last unofficial visit to now. I also think that Nebraska's defense will impress Glover as much as it will anyone else in the stands this weekend.

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