#12 is in the books for Nebraska

This was a big recruiting weekend for Nebraska and it just got bigger. Nebraska was hosting at least six official visitors this weekend made up of four, four-star and two, three-star recruits. Out of those six though, one four-star recruit was the first to pull the trigger on his commitment to Nebraska this weekend.

Nebraska pulled off a close win last night and pulled off another big victory this morning with the commitment of Jared Glover. Glover, a 6-foot-5 and 220 pound linebacker from Bixby (Okla.), met with Coach Bill Callahan and committed.

"Yes sir I did commit. I am just taking the campus tour right now," Glover said. "I am just walking around."

It was an exciting night to be a visitor. For Glover though, he got to interact with the coaches again on this visit. "It was a great game last night and I love all of the coaches. It just feels like a family up here."

The idea to commit didn't just come to Glover last night or this morning. He has known about it for a while. "I have known for a few weeks that I was going to commit. I just wanted to do it in person."

"I was just praying about it a few weeks ago. Me and my dad have been talking about it and have been looking for a sign. That morning after praying Coach Callahan called me. I just thought was cool for me and I have felt that way ever since."

The game was a good contest and Glover got to see verification of what he has heard about the Nebraska fans. Nebraska fans are said to be some of the classiest in college football and Glover saw it first hand.

"I didn't think that the game would be that close. It was awesome though. It was cool how they introduced the fans as having the best sportsmanship in college football."

"It was. One of the Kansas players went down and when they carried him off of the field he got a standing ovation. That really stood out to me. Great sportsmanship."

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