One more visit then a decision for Lawrence

This was the last time that Blake Lawrence will see Lincoln before making a decision. The road to his commitment is about to end and fortunately for him and Nebraska he got the answers that were needed on this trip. Lawrence was able to spend time with a player from a similar background and that could pay dividends for Nebraska.

Blake Lawrence, a 6-foot-3 and 205 pound linebacker from Shawnee Mission (Kan.) West, was in Lincoln for the fourth time since the spring game. Like all of the times before, Lawrence enjoyed the trip.

"We had a great time," Lawrence said. "I went with my dad and step-mom. We got all of our questions answered. Everything that we wanted to know we found out."

This trip is one of the last pieces of the puzzle to Lawrence's process. "We are one step closer, me and my family, to being able to make an educated decision. It was a great weekend. Very fun. Very well put together."

"It was busy on Saturday. We got up early and met with coaches, academic advisors, the strength staff, the nutritionist, the doctor and all sorts of other people."

After seeing the school on three visits before his official there probably wasn't something that Lawrence skipped over. However, Lawrence did say that he did get some answers and got a chance to see the campus.

"The athletics part was very similar to what I had seen before on my unofficial visits. The best part was seeing the campus. Talking to the people in areas where I might be studying. It was good to come up here and get it all in all at once."

"The questions weren't really related about the athletics. We have a strong feeling about the program, where it's heading and the coaching staff. It was stuff like where I would be staying, talking about my college credits, paths to this major or that major and that kind of thing. It was more about education."

Lawrence was also able to get information out of a player at Nebraska that he draws a parallel to. Through that host he was also able to meet some key players on the team and enjoyed meeting one of the official visitors and his family from the weekend.

"My host was Lance Brandenburgh and that was great. We come from similar backgrounds and we related really well from the start. His roommate is Nate Swift so we got to hang out with those guys. I met Cory McKeon. I just met Stewart Bradley today."

"I got to spend some time with Sam Keller last night, that was great. He's a nice guy and fun to talk to. I met Clayton Sievers, Andy Christensen and I also got to meet Jared Glover. He's just great. He and his family were fun to talk to."

The rest of the process is pretty simple when you lay it out, but complicated because it includes making a decision between two teams that he really likes. Despite that complication Blake is looking forward to wrapping up the process.

"My final visit is to Kansas next week. I will have my decision after that. I will sit down with my family, talk to my brother, and see where everything stands. We need to go over the in-depth analysis and choose a school. I am excited about it. It's going to be a fun time and a long time coming."

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