Mendoza says Nebraska was a '10'

This weekend was supposed to be a bigger weekend for Nebraska with Texas recruits. In the end, there was just one recruit from the state of Texas, but a very good recruit. Marcus Mendoza was taking his second official visit and that gave him some basis for comparison. Nebraska stacked up well against it's competition.

A flashy running back from Houston (Texas) Spring Woods was in Lincoln for an official visit this weekend. Marcus Mendoza is that slashing type of runner that might be missing from the arsenal of running backs at Nebraska currently.

"I am sitting at the airport right now," Mendoza said. "The visit went really well this weekend."

The 5-foot-9 and 175 pound Mendoza said that the people of Nebraska really made the visit great for him. "I really enjoyed my visit. The people, the love that they have for the game and the love that they have for the players, was the biggest thing."

"I got a chance to sign my autograph. There were these little kids that asked my host for his autograph and I told them I was just a recruit. They still wanted me to sign it. It was kind of weird."

"The fans knew who all of the recruits were. They knew who was coming in. They all talked to us and treated us like we were part of the team. They told me that they hoped to see me next year."

Mendoza had never made the trip to Nebraska before and was pleasantly surprised to see what he did. He liked the layout of the town and the convenience. "It's real nice. The school is around the people, around a good area and around the stadium. You can go do fun things when you need it."

Mendoza also had a chance to see Nebraska's new facilities and spoke about how they compared to Texas Tech. "The facilities are real nice. The weight room was just crazy! Nebraska has a little advantage to Texas Tech's. Nebraska's is just huge. I am not trying to knock Tech or nothing."

Mendoza walked away from the weekend very surprised with what he saw and gave the weekend a top mark. "Coming to Nebraska I didn't think that it was going to be this good. The whole thing just impressed me with how good of a place that it is. The visit was a '10'."

Mendoza didn't commit and is set up to see three other schools already. "I have official visits set up for Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and a TCU visit. Those other visits are scheduled."

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