Another day in Lincoln still for Wright

One disadvantage of official visits is that there aren't classes on the weekend, or at least as many classes. You don't get to see life in the day of a student. Anthony Wright wants to see that and will be staying in Lincoln another day to look a little closer. Everything up to this point has been good so far.

It must be a good sign for Nebraska to have Anthony Wright in town for another day. The 6-foot-0 and 190 pound athlete from Compton (Calif.) H.S. could play a number of positions in college.

"Actually, I stayed another day in Lincoln," Wright said. "My dad and I decided to stay another day in Lincoln to see what school was like here."

"There wasn't any rush this weekend. I just wanted to see how life was on campus. I saw the atmosphere at the game and everything else athletic-wise, but I wanted to see what it was like on campus."

"I want to see how people are between class and how life is around here. I haven't ever experienced anything like college before."

Another reason for the additional day is to really see the differences of living in Lincoln, Nebr. and living in Compton, Calif. So far though, Wright has liked what he has seen.

"It's alright. It's a whole different thing. Football is everything out here. Back home, the town or area will shut down and go to a game. Around here the whole state shuts down for their games."

Wright admitted that seeing all the red and the fans did make him a bit nervous. "The game was amazing. When I was driving up to the stadium it was all red. It was amazing. I got to sign some autographs. It was crazy."

"When I got out of the car I just got nervous when I saw the stadium and seeing all the red. Then I got to walk through the tunnel walk and I thought that I wasn't supposed to be here. I thought that I was dreaming."

Overall, the experience was great and it was good enough for Wright to actually have the idea of committing cross his mind. He had some good reasons provided by Nebraska to commit.

"I was thinking about it, but I haven't been anywhere else. They will help me get a degree here. They graduate 93% of their student athletes and they have a good football program."

"I would like to go check out some other places before I consider committing. Like when you are buying a home, you walk through all the model homes to see what you like before you buy."

While Wright would like to see some other places he doesn't have any set yet. "I haven't really scheduled one. I will take one to Colorado. It might be next week. I told them the Baylor game."

Wright had to really qualify the rating of his visit in multiple categories. A lot of the categories got a '10', but the overall grade to the visit is a little lower than that.

"There are a lot of categories. The fan base is a 10. The atmosphere, the family, everything is football and that is a 10. The graduation rate is 93% and so that is a 10."

"The coaches, I spoke to Coach Bill Callahan and Coach Bill Busch, and they were cool. I would give my visit about an '8' or a '9'. I'd say an '8' though."

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