Joiner set for trip to Nebraska

There are serious questions about who Nebraska will get to backfill for their entire defensive line that they lose to graduation. While, more than likely, you will see it replaced by faces on the team the question is who will be their backups and those new faces replacements. A guy like Barry Turner wouldn't be bad. That is what you might be getting in this speed rusher.

Brandon Joiner is lightening in a bottle from his defensive end position. The recruit from Killeen (Texas) Shoemaker, a 6-foot-2 and 220 pound rush end, is having a great season, but his team isn't doing as well as hoped.

"It's not going so well," Joiner said. "We played some really hard teams in the beginning of the year. My season is still going good though personally.

Teams don't want to get their quarterback back hit by Joiner. He knows it. He saw it last week against Consolidated.

"The A&M Consolidated quarterback was throwing intentional groundings just so I wouldn't sack him. That's a compliment. I blocked a field goal that night though."

Joiner said that things couldn't be much better when it comes to recruiting. He just returned home from an official visit this past weekend.

"Recruiting is going great. I just came back today from Arizona State. It was nice out there. The surroundings have a little Texas feel to it. I was also born in California. It was hot there. Real hot."

Besides an official visit to Arizona State, Joiner has two more official visits set up. A fourth official is probably going to be set up with at least one unofficial to a nearby school.

"I have one set up for Nebraska on 10/20 and one to Purdue on 10/27. I will probably take one to Oklahoma State. Texas A&M talked to me about one, but I will probably drive down there."

The visits will hopefully allow Joiner to get what he is looking for when it comes to picking a school. He really wants to get there on campus and have it feel like home.

"When I get there, it's how I feel on campus. I don't want to feel lost. I want to feel at home. I want to feel like I am at home."

Nebraska has been working Joiner with two different coaches, the recruiting coach and the position coach. Joiner has been impressed with their efforts.

"Coach Shawn Watson from Nebraska has been recruiting me and I have spoke to Coach John Blake. I really like them. He is a great defensive line coach."

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