Victor Reynolds re-surfaces in Texas

It's been a wild and crazy road for Victor Reynolds. He was voted the Wisconsin Prep Athlete of the Year last year as a junior after winning state and national titles in track. Then an investigation into transfers to Oak Creek (Wisc.) got at least four players ruled ineligible for various reasons. Reynolds has resurfaced and is back on top in Texas.

The time between stories for Victor Reynolds and is for good reason. Reynolds was ruled ineligible in Wisconsin at Oak Creek and has since turned back up at Arlington (Texas) Grace Prep. The 6-foot-1 and 195 pound RB/S says things have been crazy.

"It's been crazy," Reynolds said. "It's been a wild ride. I was up at Oak Creek in Wisconsin and you have to live within a certain distance of the school to attend there. I moved in with my father (to attend Oak Creek)."

"I ran track there last year and that is when people started noticing some things about transfers to Oak Creek. People started looking into why we came there and where we were staying."

That is when the WIA stepped in. Initially, three players were suspended that transferred to Oak Creek, but not Reynolds. Off of the bat, no irregularities were found with his records.

"They made three people ineligible right off of the bat because of people falsifying their addresses. They looked at me and couldn't find anything. The WIA called me and said that I would be ineligible this season anyway because I was living with my father who doesn't have legal custody of me."

After being ruled ineligible, Reynolds packed up and headed South, way South. He ended up in a Dallas mid-city, Arlington, and is a standout now at one of the toughest TAPS schools in Texas. What brought Reynolds to Texas? "Just Texas football! It's real down here."

Reynolds has reasserted himself as being one of the best prep players nationally, but it's come at a cost. The academic load at Grace Prep is a heavier than what Reynolds has had to deal with before. That has taken some adjustment, but he is determined.

"I have been having a good year so far and Grace Prep is a very hard school academically. It's so hard. It's a college prep school."

"I have about 612 yards rushing through five games. We have played Dallas Bishop Lynch, Addison Trinity Christian, Cameron Yoe, San Augustine and Plano John Paul II. Of our three losses, two were to public schools and one was to one of the largest private schools in the state."

"We have a really good team. Those losses were hard to take. If we don't end up winning state in our division we will be in the state game at least. We will win our conference. Grace Prep won state last year. I am playing defense too at Grace Prep. I don't know how many tackles I have, but I have four interceptions."

Since moving to Texas a lot of teams have kept tabs on Reynolds' whereabouts. He is holding offers from 10 of 12 Big XII teams and just about everyone of another major conference have offered. "Recruiting busted open. I have offers from everywhere in the Big XII except for Texas and Colorado. I have offers from just about everyone in Big 10."

Nebraska was Reynolds leader before the ineligibility story broke this summer. Nebraska has stayed beside Reynolds and he said that he is probably just a passing test score away from committing to Nebraska.

"I am kind of, very close to, committing to them. We are both waiting for the SAT/ACT score that I should be getting back at the end of this month. There is a very good possibility that I will end up at Nebraska."

Reynolds about made an official visit this past weekend to Nebraska. There will be some other opportunities though coming up. "Hopefully next month. Definitely before December comes. There is Texas on October 20 too."

One of the reasons that Reynolds is so high on Nebraska has been their dedication to him through all of this. Reynolds saw some schools pull completely out without facts of his situation. Coach Kevin Cosgrove and Nebraska got the facts and told Reynolds that they would be there.

"Nebraska stuck with me. A couple of schools yanked their offer. Everyone has their own opinion. Some schools backed off, but Nebraska said that they were there, that they knew what happened and why it happened."

"Coach Kevin Cosgrove is just a great guy, a real guy. He keeps telling me that Nebraska is where I need to come to play football. He sends me text messages and calls me once a week. I call him each chance I get. I probably talk to him two to three times a week."

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