Herron eyeing later visit to Nebraska

A visitor that almost was for Nebraska, Brandon Herron just about had his name on the official visitor list again this past weekend for Nebraska. It was homecoming weekend and that makes it tough to get away. It's also being requested by his family that he take a later visit to see winter in Nebraska. Herron would like to see a game though.

Brandon Herron is one of the best linebackers in the state of Texas. Hailing from Sugarland (Texas) Dulles, which is 23-5A and is a very tough district, Herron and his team are off to a 4-1 start, but Herron hasn't been on the field for all of it.

"It's going pretty good," Herron said. "I have been nicked up with a hamstring injury. It's a lot better now. They still take me out now and then to make sure my hamstring is still getting better."

"I am doing good. They have been telling me that I am too good to not be on the field. I have been thinking that God has given me this talent for a reason too. I guess that he is just doing this for me to settle down right now."

A lot of times, people can look back and feel like they missed "their time" and get upset about things. Herron has about as positive of attitude as what you can possibly have. He knows that he isn't 100% and knows that there are others that are better than when he isn't 100%.

"I am not worried about this although this is my senior year. I would rather give up my spot to not a person that isn't a starter because I know that they have to come back next year. They do need to get ready. I don't want to be selfish and go out there hurt. I want to get back to 100%. I will be OK."

As for recruiting? Everything is still status quo, with only a couple of exceptions. There has been some recently contact with a couple of schools that he has told can get into the mix for this services.

"I haven't got any new offers. Texas A&M has been talking to me again, but I haven't called them back. Nothing's really changed and it's still the same thing. Mississippi State did get into the mix a little bit."

Herron is widely considered to be a soft commit to Nebraska, but that is hardly the truth until he sees it and the visit verifies what he thinks to be true. That trip was supposed to happen this past weekend again, but there is some influence now to visit Nebraska later.

"I was supposed to go to Lincoln this past weekend, but my das and me having homecoming. I am going to find a way to take that trip after the season, which should be better for me. I am looking at either a November or a December trip."

"My dad wants me to see Nebraska in the cold. Because honestly, it isn't about the summer and it's not about the season. It's about the winter and seeing that. I have been Texas all my life and it might be a culture shock to me."

While family may want Herron to wait to see Nebraska he does want to see a game in Lincoln. "I want to see a game. Hopefully we make it to the playoffs, but I would like to see a game in Nebraska."

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