OL, Mike Jones looking at success

There is something to be said for what winning can do for a team. Yep, it gets you titles and the country marvels at what you have done, but in the high school ranks, it also gets you a better than average look. And, for those players that want to be part of a national title run, those teams stand out as the most logical prospects. Mike Jones is a winner in his own right, rated as one of the best linemen in the country. He's a winner and plans on doing more of that no matter where he goes.

Mike Jones Profile

Mike Jones - OL - 6-5, 305, 5.1/40 - Oak Lawn, Illinois (H.L. Richards) - It's not supposed to be until you hit the pros, or at the very least, big time collegiate football when the miles start piling on. It's them that goes from university to university, place to place, from one coast to the other. Trying telling that to Jones who appears to be all over the place, trying to get those last-minute visits in, adding to his already impressive number of unofficial visits. The most recent visit was to the University of Iowa, which Jones called "Maybe the best visit I have had so far", to a visit tomorrow he will be taking to Tennessee. Plus, take the schools Jones has already visited; Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Michigan and Illinois and you've got some serious road-time. It's not getting Jones down or road-weary as each school offers something new to see. "It's nice, because everyone has something different." Jones stated.

The present insiders' list of ten teams Mike has stated as his favorites is the one Mike says he currently has now. Though certain visits might have stood out, Jones reiterated his decision of doing nothing anytime soon. "I will probably have a better idea around October." And as to his officials, nothing yet either, but schools from around the country seem intent on Jones visiting their campus and many all want the same date, Dec. 6. "It's like they think that wherever that person visits on December 6th, that's where they are going I guess."

Mike is interested in something though that basically demands that he waits until the very least, October, as how those schools on his list do in terms of the national picture. Don't make any mistakes about Jones' intentions, he wants to win and who those schools do this year will go a long way in furthering their own cause obviously, but also boosting their image with Mike. "One of the things I am looking for, can that team win a national title." Jones stated. "I don't want to part of a rebuilding program, I want to win right away." So, Mike wants those rings, or how he put it, "Maybe a few".

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