Griffin grew up following Nebraska

Nebraska is looking for some defensive line help and they could get it in two weeks when Kelly Griffin makes his official visit to Lincoln. The 6-foot-2 and 260 pound defensive end with 4.7/40 speed from Irving (Texas) MacArthur is a playmaker at the defensive end position. He will be traveling to Lincoln with two teammates that are also holding Nebraska offers.

Nebraska has offered three players from Irving (Texas) MacArthur and all three are set to officially visit on 10/20. Kelly Griffin, a speed rushing defensive end, is one of two players from MacArthur recruited by Nebraska to play defense. He was having a good season until an injury.

"Well, at the beginning it was going good," Griffin said. "The I got hurt. I hurt my ankle. It was a big rival game and in the first quarter. I got a helmet to my ankle and I heard something snap."

"They are saying that it's just a bad sprain. It's gotten better over the week. I have been taking treatment, trying to get that better so I can get ready for this game."

While the injury and treatment has been slowing Griffin down some, recruiting has been filling the other time. Griffin has one team that he has been thinking about a lot lately.

"Recruiting has been keeping me busy. I am not sure on my decision with anyone right now. Everyone is coming at me so fast. I am really thinking about Nebraska the most right now. They are on my mind."

"A couple of other schools like TCU, Missouri, and a lot more that I can't even list right now. Everything is kind of coming at me fast right now. I am trying to separate it."

Griffin will be officially visiting Nebraska in the coming weeks with two of his teammates; Ron Brooks and Bret Harris. The three have spoke about going to the same school, but nothing serious. The time in Lincoln could be the right time to revisit that conversation.

"We have talked about it. We weren't real serious about it at the time and we agreed that we would talk about it again. We said that we were going to take a visit to the same school and hopefully we will all go to school together. I would like that."

When you talk about Griffin, you are talking about a passionate defensive end that likes to get after the quarterback. He has amazing speed and quickness for a man with his size.

"Probably the love of the game and hitting people. I have fun with it. I get after the quarterback. I like pressuring the quarterback."

Living in Texas, you wouldn't think that Griffin would know a lot about Nebraska. However, he grew up a fan of the Cornhuskers and has talked about Nebraska with his recruiting coach, Ted Gilmore, from Nebraska about what it's like there.

"Since I was a child I always liked Nebraska, their defense especially. I got to talking to some of the coaches and I got a sense of the chemistry there between them. They seem like real cool people to get a long with. They will take care of you."

"I also know about their fans. I know that they get a lot of fan support. At their spring game was sold out and I caught that on TV one time. I like stuff like that."

The official visit is only a week and a half away for the three from MacArthur. Griffin said that if it all goes well that he might commit. "Yeah, Ron, Bret and myself will be heading up to Nebraska on 10/20 for the Texas game. I was thinking that weekend could probably lead to me committing, but I don't know for sure."

Griffin wasn't sure of his stats for this year, but last year he tallied 75 tackles, 15 tackles for loss and five sacks.

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