He's going to be HUGE, OL, Trey Chandler

I've heard of players with 60 offers from everyone and their dogs. From top to bottom, they can literally wallpaper their walls with names of teams from the obscure to the infamous. How would you like to have seven offers though instead of those 60, but have them all come from teams rated in the 25? Some of them, top ten, a couple, top five and most of them with aspirations of national title glory. Yeah, I'll take that. So will Trey Chandler.

Trey Chandler Profile

Trey Chandler - OL. - 6-6, 255, 5.2 - Buford, GA. - Quality over quantity. That's the saying, right? It's not the size of the number you put up, but the quality of those numbers that really matter. 10 receptions for a game are great, but what if they weren't for scores? How about four receptions, all those resulting in touchdowns? That's quality over quantity. For Chandler, that's what he is getting in terms of offers from schools. No, it's not 50 offers like some you have heard, but check out some of the schools that have offered him. Florida State, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia Tech and just recently, South Carolina added their name to the list. Name just about any one of those and you have more or less reaffirmed your status as a quality player, but all of those? This kid can play.

Trey is a big man, but not a real big lineman. As you can see by his measurments, Chandler might even qualify as "lanky". That's not necessarily what you look for in your average everyday offensive linemen, but Trey's upside is huge and that might be in size, but also in ability. Let's be realistic here. Look at the list of the schools that have offered him. Those schools don't offer full rides to monkeys. What Trey has is what they want, so his "potential" might be the key word here.

And don't think that this issue is one that Trey himself hasn't tried to address. He knows that the higher in level of ball you play, the more body you better have to push the other guy out of the way or get in their way. Trey's been working on that all year, but doing it the right way. "At the end of my junior year, I played at 235." Chandler said. "I am 255 now, so I have put on some and I work out, take the protein shakes and the weight gainer. I don't want to just eat Wendy's until I'm big." Certainly not and Trey has seen around the country certain schools that are very adept at not just using big linemen, but making them. "I don't know what they do at Nebraska, but once those guys get there, they just blow up." Something Trey is looking to do, hence his slight admiration for the Husker program.

With Trey's size and his speed, again, you probably ask yourself, what makes this kid so good that teams like FSU are offering him almost a year before he takes a snap for his senior season? Well, again, it's Trey's upside. His large frame allows those valuable pounds of muscle a lot of space to sit and as he describes, he's got a couple of other things that are actually key when it comes to linemen in this day and age. "You have four or so yards that you are playing with (out there) and I have really good, quick feet." Trey stated. "I have good hands to and I play with my pads low."

Ok, he's technically sound. That's always a good motivator for coaches when they see what you can do. A young man that has a good grasp of the fundamentals, plus has some intangibles, like being able to move your feet well in traffic. What about attitude though? That "big ugly" mentality that kicks in once you step on the field? What about that attitude that makes you want to hit the other guy standing right across from you? Does Chandler have that? "You have to love being able to hit someone full speed (when pulling)." Trey said. "They are just not expecting it, so it's great. They have no idea. All of a sudden, you are there and it's just a kill shot (for you) and you love that. That's why I play."

If you want to summarize Chandler, it is potential, but to a great extent, it's potential only in the sense that Trey isn't quite up to the weight that some coaches might want him to be. He's already good enough to get offers from some of the most elite schools in the country and that is at 255 lbs. You think they see what you might just be getting a small glimpse of, once Chandler puts another 40 pounds of lean mass on? Yeah, a wrecking machine. A machine that graded out over 90 % last season weighing 235 lbs., you can only imagine what he will do, twenty pounds heavier. And 40 more pounds after that, if not more, Yeah, that's what you call "up side".

To those schools that covet him now and those that will most certainly follow, there isn't really a criteria that this young man follows. Trey's not bound to home, starry eyed over defending national champs, but does have a will to win. It won't hurt though if they know how to make a monolith out of what is already a mountain as Trey's journey to grow to his potential in every aspect continues to be a goal that pushes him. With that in mind, Trey considers himself pretty open, but did say that Florida State and Georgia have slight leads over everyone. "It's not like they are my favorites, but they are just there right now." Trey stated. "I have a season to play, so I want to focus on that and don't really want to worry about this when it doesn't mean anything."

With so many offers in hand from so many powerhouse colleges, Trey isn't in a hurry, nor does he need to be. With all that we have talked about, in terms of his talent and ever-broadening size, it's a good bet that despite this long list of heavies that are vying for his services, the list will only get longer. If all of us could only have it so good. The heavier we get, the more people want us? That only happens in football...........and maybe sumo wrestling.

Stay tuned.

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