Parker takes official to Ames

It might have been possible for Gerald Parker to transfer from Pasadena (Calif.) City College to Compton C.C. and miss a beat or two. Instead, he was plugged in at tackle and has been playing all season. In the process of transferring to Compton he has had a chance to get to know a player of the team that he currently favors. Who is that team and who other officials will Parker be taking?

Gerald Parker is an offensive tackle for Compton (Calif.) with skills on the hardwood. The 6-foot-7 and 290 pound offensive tackle with 4.8 speed took his first official visit this weekend.

"I went to Iowa State this past weekend," Parker said. "It was alright. It was OK. I liked it. I really liked the coaching staff."

"That was my first official. That coaching staff was really nice. Of course they are going to be really nice if they want anyone to come there. It was a small town and everyone likes their college football. I really liked that."

The last time that Big Red Report caught up with Parker he was sitting on two offers. He has picked up another offer since then, but it's not from Iowa State.

"Nebraska and Southern Miss were the offers last time we spoke. Louisville just offered me a couple of weeks ago. Iowa State hasn't offered me yet."

On the visit to Ames, Parker got a chance to see Nebraska up close as Iowa State' opponent last Saturday night. While he wasn't supposed to concentrate on Nebraska he did get a chance to take a look at them.

"They looked really good. They looked really well coached. I just like the fact that they are a really good team and that I know a couple of the players on the team."

Those couple of players are former defensive lineman from Compton. One of them, Parker played against, the other player, Parker had heard about, but got a chance to meet when he visited Compton.

"I know Brandon Johnson and Ola Dagunduro. Brandon was here at Compton last year when I was playing at Pasadena. Ola wasn't here then, but he came back to Compton for a few days when I was here. He told me all about Nebraska."

Compton isn't having a particularly good year, but the adjustment for Parker from Pasadena to Compton hasn't been a big one. Parker has been plugged immediately into the tackle position.

"Right now we are 1-4. We have Ventura at 1:00 on Saturday at home. The season for me personally has been going good. No real adjustment that I have had to make between Compton and Pasadena."

With an official to Ames under his belt, Parker has two other official visits set, but not one to Nebraska. It looks like Nebraska will have to wait to get an official from Parker until after his season and maybe in for Nebraska's last home game.

"I haven't set up an official for Nebraska yet. That will probably have to wait until after the season. I want to see Nebraska. On December 8 I am going to go to Kansas State and on November 18 I am supposed to be going to Louisville." "I think that Nebraska plays the weekend of Thanksgiving at home. I could make an official then. I will talk to Coach Dennis Wagner about that."

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