Decision tomorrow for Lawrence

It's like gladiators: TWO TEAMS ENTER, ONE TEAM LEAVES. Tomorrow, the decision will be announced for Blake Lawrence at his high school at a 7:15 A.M. press conference with his college intentions. It's down to Kansas and Nebraska for the services of Lawrence. Tomorrow everyone will know which school the four-star rated, athletic linebacker from Shawnee Mission (Kan.) West will choose.

If you ever have had a chance to see Blake Lawrence play, his athleticism has to stand out to you. You might have seen that he throws his body around with reckless abandon. His approach to the recruiting process has been anything but reckless.

Lawrence has hit camps. He has taken unofficial visits. He has taken official visits. The past two weekends has had Lawrence on the backstretch of coming to a decision of a process that really started the first time he snapped on a helmet.

"It started, I'd like to say when you get that first letter," Lawrence said. "But it really started when I first played football. People start talking about division one dreams and potential."

"The first time that I was told that I could play division one football was probably right before I went into high school. My dad told me that I was a special player. He told me that if things went right that I would be here, one day, where I am right now."

Recruiting can become a bit of a monster, a dragon that must be slain. That dragon started out almost four years ago for Lawrence and really grew exponentially in February. While many wish to go through a similar process, Lawrence would be the first to tell you it isn't easy.

"I never thought that it would get this big. I have said that many times. Back in February when Missouri offered me the day after my brother signed I knew that it was going to get pretty big from there."

"It's turned out to be everything that I wished for and then something more. My dad and my step-dad have told me be careful what you wish for. Now I sit down with the decision in front of me with two schools. I kind of wish it didn't all come to this. I wish that someone would have just beat it into me about who I had to choose."

Two weeks ago, Lawrence was in the stands in Lincoln to see Nebraska take on Kansas. The visit went well for Blake who in the end got the final questions that he needed answers for when considering Nebraska.

This past weekend, Lawrence attended the Kansas game against Texas A&M. While the Jayhawks didn't win the contest, the weekend gave Lawrence a chance to catch up and talk to his brother, Tyler a quarterback at Kansas, about the process.

"There was a time in August when I felt like I needed to get everything done. I sat down with my parents and we decided to look at these teams in-depth, take some visits and then decide after that."

"I wanted to make sure that I would be 100% committed to where I choose. I was anxious to get on a visit to meet the guys that are at those schools that I haven't spoken with before, you talk with both schools about academics and to see the community."

No doubt this decision has been difficult for Lawrence to come to. He has been thorough with the visits, the questions and the family discussion. Tomorrow morning at 7:15, the end of a long road and a slain dragon will be behind Lawrence, finally.

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