West coast lineman getting his due, finally

There are few in California that are hotter than this offensive lineman from Grass Valley (Calif.) Nevada Union. Up to about the first day in October, this 6-foot-6 295 pound road-grader didn't have any offers. Less than two weeks later he has a half dozen. It's weird how quickly things change, but this could be just the beginning.

Taylor Dever has been pretty busy. Between maintaining A's in the classroom he has been a constant at offensive tackle for Grass Valley (Calif.) Nevada Union and recently just started playing defense.

"Right now it's pretty busy," Dever said. "On Mondays the defense comes in at 6:30 and Tuesday it's offense. I am playing a little of both."

"So every day it's to school by 6:30 and I don't get home until 8:30. Some nights I have homework. I get mostly A's. I have phone calls and recruiting calls. It's wild."

Nevada Union had a lot of people to replace from last year, especially on defense. Things have come together nicely and their defense continues to improve from week to week.

"Very strong I guess you could say. Last year we lost nine senior starters. Guys have come together and are still improving every week. We are having a very strong season."

As mentioned before, Dever is playing both sides of the ball. With his size, he has very good speed. He is still adjusting to playing defense, having never done it before, and knows that his future is at offensive tackle in college.

"I am playing offensive tackle and defensive end. I am 6-foot-6 and 295 pounds with a 5.2. I am playing more of a base end. I am being recruited to play offensive tackle in college."

"I only come in on defense when it's third and short, goal line, and inside the 20. I have never played defense before the end of last week. I have only been playing this for two weeks. It's a whole new thing and trying to adapt."

As a tackle, Dever believe that he is quick off of the ball and to engage the defensive player. He likes to run-block the most and in the offense that Nevada Union runs he gets plenty of opportunity to do so.

"I think that my biggest strength is getting off of the ball and getting into people. I've been told that I am pretty quick for my size, which I guess is true. I just like getting off of the ball and using my speed and my size to my advantage."

"I prefer run blocking, definitely. We run a Wing-T so it's mostly running. We do throw it a lot, but it's more running than passing though."

The first offer came on October 1. Since then though, Dever has received five additional offers. Before the first offer came, Dever kind of wondered why he was getting skipped over. Teams aren't ignoring him anymore.

"I am up to six offers. I have Fresno State, San Diego State, Nebraska, UNLV, Boise State and Washington offered last night. All six came in the last two weeks."

"I am an avid follower of recruiting and the guys going through the process. They were getting looked at and I was kind of sitting here saying 'What's going on?' because I wasn't getting looked at."

"Since Fresno State offered I think that Nebraska and San Diego State offered in a matter of two or three days and I hadn't even talked to them before. I guess that they are just getting my film and liking how I play."

With having picked up six offers in just two weeks Dever hasn't really thought about favorites. He knows what he is looking for in a school and knows that he will be taking all of his visits to see what he likes about a school.

"Right now I am not really picking favorites. I am going to give everyone a fair shot. My number one goal is to get a good education. Other than that I am going to go on all of my visits and see what stands out to me."

If Dever had to choose today from the teams that have offered he would know of about four official visits that he would like to take. It seems that he might have a fairly firm plan to see Nebraska in a couple of weeks.

"As of right now I would say Nebraska, Washington, wouldn't mind going to San Diego and wouldn't mind going to Fresno State. I guess that more offers might be coming soon and we will see what happens there too."

"I spoke to Coach Dennis Wagner about it. I have a Thursday game coming up in a couple of weeks and I could go up on Friday, see the game on Saturday and then get back on Sunday. That would be November 4."

"Coach Wagner is a great guy. Out of all of the other offensive line coaches that I have spoke to he's real down to Earth and just real easy to talk to. I am just looking forward to meeting him in person."

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