Huskers nab big commitment!

Nebraska about got a huge upset over Texas and it was enough for this recruit to go ahead and pull the trigger on his commitment. This commitment came on a weekend that saw below average temperatures and snow in October. That didn't stop this recruit from a warm climate from making his commitment.

Patrick Grant from Lauderdale Lakes (Flor.) Boyd H. Anderson HS was in Lincoln this weekend and liked what he saw apparently. The 6-foot-4 and 220 pound defensive end pulled the trigger on his commitment.

"Yeah, I did commit," Grant said. "I am going to have to call you back in a few minutes. We have a problem with our flight."

"We are stuck in Omaha overnight. There was a problem with our connecting flight. So, Moses Jenkins and I are heading back to our hotel."

Grant was quick to note Nebraska's fans. It was freezing temperatures and snow started to fall in the fourth quarter. That is when Grant noticed them the most.

"There were fans running around without shirts last night. The people were crazy. It was just amazing. I have been to Colorado and Florida, but it just felt good at Nebraska."

Grant also saw one of the best defensive lines in the nation and got to know his future position coach this weekend. In the end, the speed and the style fit Grant's abilities.

"I really kicked off a great relationship with John Blake. I liked the way that the defensive line played. It was the speed of their up-front four. No one else in the nation has that type of speed."

The situation fits Grant's style and the situation couldn't be a lot better either. "Their top two defensive ends are leaving. I am going to try and step in and play. I fit in with the speed."

Speed is right. At 6-foot-4 and about 220 pounds has 4.51 speed in the 40. "I run the 400m and qualified for state last year. I ran a 48.45 at state. My best time was after state and I ran a 47.89."

With that speed, Grant could play linebacker. However, the idea is to get Grant a little heavier and have him playing the 5-technique. "Some people like me as a WILL, but I am a DE."

Grant went on to say that there would be some dialogue between he and Moses about Nebraska. "I am going to work him a bit. Something like that."

Grant finished last season with 48 tackles and 12 sacks.

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