Official Visitor update: WR, Hubert Anyiam

Hubert Anyiam is a North Garland (Garland, TX) wide receiver, who has come onto the Nebraska recruiting radar lately. His name has been rising up the charts as one of the more coveted ball catchers in that region of Texas. He along with teammate, linebacker Jermaine Love came into Lincoln for an official. We asked him how everything went.

How was your trip to Nebraska?

It was good. I liked the atmosphere. The snow was cool. The staff was great. It was real comfortable. It was pretty nice that it snowed

Give me your thoughts on the game.

I think Nebraska got jobbed. If it wasn't so cold, there wouldn't have been so much fumbling going on. I like the offense. I liked how the receivers were a big part of their offense.

What did you think of the crowd?

The tunnel walk was cool. Everybody came out, the fans, they were all cheering. They came to the game.

Did anything surprise you about your visit to Lincoln?

I didn't know the atmosphere was going to be like that. I thought it would be less than it was.

Based on what you knew about Nebraska coming in, how is that different from what you know now?

The coaching staff and the atmosphere was a lot different. I knew the facilities were going to be great, but the staff and the crowd, that was something that I really liked about the game.

The locker room after the game – the players were pretty mad at first, but that night they just shook it over and they know they still have a shot to get to K.C.

Where does this official visit put Nebraska as far as the teams you are looking at?

It's number one right now. I went to Manhattan, Kansas to visit them, but everything I experienced there, it was a level better at Nebraska. The stadium, the town, the atmosphere – it was all really nice.

What other teams are you looking at right now?

Notre Dame, Texas Tech and Alabama

Rate the visit to Nebraska.

A 10. The only thing bad about the deal was that we didn't have anywhere to sit. We had our seats where we were supposed to sit, but some others were already there. That was the only downside.

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