Official Visitor Update: DE, Brandon Joiner

You want to talk about a kid, who has gotten popular lately, Brandon Joiner's definitely find itself on the list. The Shoemaker (Kileen, Texas) high school standout now has offers from just about everyone in the region. Brandon stopped into Lincoln for his official visit as the Horns took on the Huskers. What did he think? Check it out in our Q&A with him.

How was your trip to Nebraska?

I loved it!. Everything was incredible. That whole place, everything is based on football and academics. That's what Nebraska is all about.

What did you think of the crowd?

The crowd – man, they were crazy. It didn't matter that it was cold. They were into it and just crazy. I remember going through that tunnel and they are just gathered around, yelling and screaming. It was a wild crowd.

Give me your thoughts on the game.

I knew it was going to be a good game, because Texas' offense wasn't like last year. They didn't have Vince Young and they had a young guy leading them that made mistakes.

Nebraska was about to beat Texas. Then than fumble happens and Texas gets that field goal. You hate it, because you know that stuff happens in football. Nebraska had them and that's just how stuff goes.

Did anything surprise you about your visit to Lincoln?

I guess just the fans. They are just all about that team. I didn't think the crowd was going to be like it was and it was great to see. I got to see all the rings, championships and that weight room is amazing. The fans actually knew who I was. That was pretty cool too.

Based on what you knew about Nebraska coming in, how is that different from what you know now?

I knew it would be a good game, but after watching it, Nebraska is on point, especially defensively. Everyone that saw that game knows Texas didn't just go into Lincoln and beat them. That's football, but Texas needed that to get a win.

Where does this official visit put Nebraska as far as the teams you are looking at?

Number one right now. The coaches were great and I felt real comfortable with them and the players. That's really a big thing for me. I felt comfortable there. I could see myself playing there.

What other teams are you looking at right now?

Purdue and Texas A&M

Where have you visited thus far?


Compare that visit to Nebraska

Well, Nebraska was colder, but Nebraska just has all that stuff surrounding it, that makes you feel like you are at a big time football place. The facilities, the coaches – it's all great. Nebraska is a solid team.

I love how the coaches were. The weight room was amazing. I got to see rings . At the jets, two jets went over the astdium

Rate the visit

It's at the top. Everything about that place, I feel like I could play there. I felt comfortable and for me, that was a pretty big deal. I have a couple of more visits to make and I will probably make my decision after that.

Who is your last visit?

Texas A&M. Their crowd is like Nebraska's crowd. They get into a game like crazy. After I visit there, I will probably make my decision. Right now, though, Nebraska's on top.

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