Official Visitor Q&A: Jordan Bernstine

In the midwest Jordan Bernstine has become basically a household name. Despite that, he's still working along, trying to enjoy his season as a target, but helping his team as well. This last weekend he tried to help himself, at least in regard to figuring out which schools he likes the best. His latest officiai visit was to Nebraska and he talked about his experience in Lincoln.

How was your trip to Nebraska?

It was a lot of fun. I got to hang with the players and watch a great game

What did you think of the crowd?

Wow, the crowd was great. They are diehard fans. As it was getting colder, the more clothes the fans started taking off. The stadium was shaking. Everyone was on their feet. The crowd still seemed energetic after the fumble. Their fans and they aren't

Give me your thoughts on the game.

It was a good game. The atmosphere was crazy. The players all played real hard I love Nebraska's defensive scheme. They aren't afraid to blitz off the edge. I don't get to do it now.

Did anything surprise you about your visit to Lincoln?

Nothing really surprised. Me. I was expecting it to be a great time.

Based on what you knew about Nebraska coming in, how is that different from what you know now?

I learned a lot more about their coaching and players coming back. I got along with the coaches great. They just told me like it was. They aren't going to lie to me.

I got the sense from the players that it's hard there. It's hard work. It's your decision whether or not you want to start. But if you do the work, you can be out there starting like them.

Me personally, I don't want to go where it's given. I want to earn it.

Where does this official visit put Nebraska as far as the teams you are looking at

I have been to Texas A&M and Nebraska. I Iowa coming up at some point. Maybe UCLA

Both visits I had a good time. Comparitive, I rate them both a nine. I honestly can't think of anything wrong either, but everything has to be perfect for a 10 and nothing is ever perfect.

What other teams are you looking at right now?

Iowa, Nebraksa, Texas, UCLA and possibly Pitt

Anything you know about Nebraska now that you didn't know before?

They have sold out since forever now. They have a lot more academic all-americans than anyone else.

There's always talk about you being a Hawkeye. It's just a matter of time. What do you say to that?

I like Iowa and my parents like Iowa. My mom wants me to stay close. With that being said, there's no guarantee I will end up there. I want to make up my mind after my season..

Note: Bernstein said that he'll more than likely make his decision after his season is over, which is also the time he plans on visiting Iowa officially. Bernstine is actually very familiar with the Iowa campus from several unofficial visits, along with the All-American Combine.

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