Ross will take all of his visits

There is a little bit of a fear when it comes to bringing in warmer client recruits for weekends outside of September to Lincoln. Weather is a bit unpredictable and David Ross got to see what Lincoln could be like in October. Overall the visit was a success, but obviously weather is playing a role in his overall thoughts of Lincoln.

There aren't many better cover-corners than David Ross in California. The 6-foot-0 and 175 pound Ross from Compton (Calif.) Dominguez was in Lincoln this weekend for his first official visit.

"It was pretty cool," Ross said. "It was pretty good. I really liked the fans there. The fans were crazy."

"It was snowing there and some of the fans were out there with no clothes on. They were going crazy. It's a good thing."

The fans showed their passion, but more than that they showed that even in a losing effort that they support their team.

"They were all very supportive. Even though Nebraska lost, all of the fans stayed there and clapped as they walked into the locker room."

Nebraska was beat by a field goal late in the game. Ross took note and said that had there not been a fumble that Nebraska wins.

"It was a good game. Both teams were very competitive. Nebraska made a few mistakes, Texas made some too, but overall Nebraska should have had it."

Ross had some people in Nebraska already that he knew and he was looking forward to talking to them about how things worked in Lincoln

"I spoke to Ricky and Major. They told me about the people there and the coaches and stuff. They told me about going to class. They just told me little stuff."

There is a serious need for taller, bigger corners in this year's class. Could Ross see himself on the field in Lincoln?

"Yeah, I could see myself fitting in there real quick. I could see myself playing in that scheme."

Overall, the visit didn't get the highest grade, but it seems like the reasons for the deductions can be fixed.

"It was an '8'. The hosts were good, but they could have done a little bit better. I didn't really have a "host". It was really the whole team and I wanted to be shown around a bit more."

Another reason for a lower rating was the weather. Ross admitted that it was on his mind and that he was really going to have to think about it.

"I really need to think about that weather and can I live in that weather. I need to know if I can stay in weather like that for four or five years."

This was only the first visit for Ross. He expects that he will take all of them before coming to a decision.

"I am going to go to Oregon and Washington. From there on I don't know. I am planning on taking all five of my visits before my decision."

After the visit the leader board looks like it cleared up a little with Nebraska still trailing. "I'd say that Nebraska is number two behind Oregon."

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