Another Texas stud, DT, Joseph Bryant

Someone saying there is a star player in Texas is like saying there are attractive women in California. It's so obvious, you laugh at the statement itself. What a player in Texas has to do to stand out from all the other talent-laden preps is be a little better, try a little harder and see where that takes them. Joseph Bryant isn't trying to be the best. He is trying to be the best for his team. In the end though, his efforts along with his attitude could make this prep, standout in the end.

Joseph Bryant Profile

Joseph Bryant - DT - 6-5, 305, 4-98 - Jasper, TX. - If anyone were to hear about a four star defensive lineman coming out of Texas, they might immediately think to themselves that, everyone in Texas is at least a four star prospect and dismiss this player as average. Well, Joseph Bryant is anything but average as his speed indicates when you take into account his size. Yes, 4 star prospects might seem to grow on trees in the lonestar state, but because they come from the lonestar state, if you want to get a better idea of what they are truly capable, sometimes you need to look for yourself. As Bryant might prove this year, four stars might be good, but in some cases, it's not good enough.

When you think multi-sport stars, you think of a QB that plays baseball, right? How about a football player that plays basketball? Nope, not unusual, but what if that football player weighs over 300 lbs. Joseph not only excels at football, he averaged 25 pts. And 15 rebounds a game playing center last season as well.

Bryant's attention has been considerable, Bryant reporting that he had at least 12 offers on the table. Such schools as Arkansas, Colorado, LSU, Oklahoma State, Penn State, Texas, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Michigan State, Iowa State, TCU, SMU, Nebraska and Alabama have all reportedly offered Bryant. With such a long list of those that like Joseph, the question must be asked as to what schools out of that list he liked in turn. As many players are right now, Joseph's mind is on bigger things, that being his season yet to come. Bryant doesn't have a narrower list, he doesn't have any certain criteria he is favoring for the next level, basically as Bryant states simply, "I am just looking for a place that will offer me good academics, drive me to be the best and just where I could see myself playing, big time college football."

For someone his size, Joseph's love of bigger things hardly seems a surprise. It's how he thinks and it's definitely how he plays. With 94 tackles last season, Bryant was a run-stuffing machine. Tenacious against the rush, Bryant believed his abilities spanned beyond that. "I can get penetration or go across the field." Bryant stated. "I don't mind running them down if I have to." With Bryant's speed, there's no doubt that he is one of the newer breed of interior defensive linemen that are not only big, but fast, so he presents (at least measurably) yet more than just the sheer will to win, but a physical force that you can't run through and in a lot of cases, around. That doesn't leave much for an offensive coach to do, unless of course, they like punting on first down.

Bryant's philosophy for success is as simple (for him) as breathing is for you or I. "It's about winning first, the will to get to the ball and you have to have heart." Bryant stated. "No matter who I am going against, where or who he is, I believe in my mind, I can beat him." Such a philosophy requires not only ability, but the intensity to back it up. Of that, Joseph also does not find himself lacking as describing his mind-set when there is nothing separating him from a ball-carrier. "I want to kill him." Bryant stated. Clarifying a bit so that the weak-hearted don't misunderstand, Joseph went on to say, "I don't mean really kill him obviously, but I want to send a message. You have to when you get a chance."

Above and beyond the physical intensity that Joseph has and the individual prowess he exhibits, his mentality is extremely simple. "I want to do what's good for the team." Bryant stated. "You want to do good, but you have to win first or the rest doesn't really matter."

Joseph has not scheduled any official visits thus far and doesn't expect to until his football season is over and by that time, a "simple" four star Texas player could be five star, at least in the eyes of everyone that really matters.

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