Amie still wants to visit Nebraska

The tight end position at Nebraska has been an important part of their offense this year. It's an appealing position if you want to catch passes and make plays. Jacob Amie has been seeing that on the television nearly every week. While Amie still considers himself a commit to Texas Tech, he will at least take a visit to Nebraska to see Lincoln. The question is, when?

Jacob Amie has been saying for a long time that he would like to visit Nebraska. The 6-foot-4.5 and 220 pound Amie, from Tyler (Texas) Lee, has had a pretty good excuse.

"I am trying," Amie said. "My coach doesn't want me to take any visits during the season."

"We only have three more games. If we win this Friday we will be in the playoffs. Otherwise, in three weeks our season will be over."

Visits aren't simple to make especially when it comes to arranging travel, but Amie knows that he could do it. He just needs to get the green light.

"I know that I can get up there on a Saturday morning. I just need an afternoon game and fly up there on a Saturday morning. I could then be back on a Sunday afternoon."

There is a weekend after the regular season and even a couple of weeks into the playoffs that is a possibility for Amie when it comes to seeing Nebraska.

"I know that Nebraska plays Colorado the Friday after Thanksgiving. That is an afternoon game. I could probably travel out that Friday morning."

"Playoff games are usually on Saturdays and usually we start off with a bye in the playoffs. That Colorado game might work out though."

If one didn't know that Amie's coach hasn't been keen on the idea of him visiting they might think that Amie isn't interested in Nebraska. That couldn't be further from the truth.

"I am definitely interested in still seeing Nebraska, for sure. I really want to see them play in person. I know that they run the West Coast and Texas Tech runs the spread."

"I am kind of debating now where I fit in and what is best for me. I watch Nebraska on TV a lot. They have one tight end that they split out wide and he runs a lot across the middle. That is basically what I could do."

Amie isn't having the kind of season that he hoped that he would. He is a huge threat on the field, but Lee just doesn't throw the ball. He had some success in his last game though.

"We just don't throw the ball, you know that. Last game I had five catches for 120 yards in the second half though. I scored two touchdowns too."

Nebraska has offered another from Lee. Amie and Tekerrian Cuba have been talking recently about taking the trip to Lincoln together for their official visits.

"I was talking to Tekerrian about taking a trip to Nebraska together just the other day. I think that we want to take a visit together up there."

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