Nebraska finalizes preparations for OSU

Despite the weather getting decidedly gloomier, the Huskers hit Memorial Stadium today for the final practice before they head down to Stillwater to face the Oklahoma State Cowboys. The game plan has been gone over, and over again, so as the head coach says, it's now just time to concentrate on the task at hand.

Amidst the swirling winds with temperatures dropping into the 40s, the Huskers practices today in Memorial Stadium as they prepare for Oklahoma State. No pads and short sleeves were the order of the day as far as apparel, which the head coach said suited him just fine. "We're going to have to get accustomed and acclimated to this type of weather," Coach Callahan said. "(It was) An easy to call today," he said of being outside today.

The weather aside, the team prepares to face the 4-3 Oklahoma State Cowboys. The game plan has been put into place, so, according to the head coach, it's just about making sure to hit the details. "(We are) Just reviewing the game plan, going back over the films (and) concentrating on what we need to get accomplished down in Stillwater. It's going to be a battle."

Coach Callahan said that health wise, his team was in good shape, despite the obvious question marks surrounding linebackers Corey McKeon and Steve Octavien, along with the injury to cornerback Andre Jones, Everyone was expected to make the trip. The only question mark, Callahan said, was senior long snapper Lane Kelly, who he said he was going to get an official status on either tonight or before the trip down to Oklahoma.

Getting acclimated to the weather might have been one of the reasons the head coach decided to take the team outside. But there was another motivation as well. Based on the dissatisfaction from the hiccups in the punt return game against Texas, coach Callahan thought the elements provided a good opportunity to for the team to work on this aspect of the game a bit more. "We wanted to get out because of the kicking game and I think it's great that we get acclimated to some of the wind conditions," he said. "I don't know if it's going to be windy or breezy or whatever down there, but we just want to prepare ourselves."

Coach Callahan did say that they would be reviewing their situation with who exactly will be the starter in regard to punt returns. Some of the other options would be junior cornerback Cortney Grixby and sophomore wide receiver Nathan Swift.

There is also a question as to the kickoff duties. Some rumors have surfaced, indicating that it could be sophomore Jake Wesch who might get the nod this week. Wesch did shoulder the majority of the load last year in regard to kickoffs. The head coach wouldn't comment, however, on any change for the game being made. "We've got many, many kickers here at Nebraska," he said. "Congdon is one of those guys that is capable of doing that at any time," Callahan said of getting touchbacks on kickoffs. "So is Wesch (and) we have a guy by the name of (Jordan) Alegria (or) Alex Henery. We've got a lot of capable guys."

Nebraska will leave for Oklahoma tomorrow following their walk through. The weather forecast for Stillwater on Saturday calls for highs in the mid-70s, partly cloudy with wind expected to be in the 10 mph range.

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