From potential Husker to future Husker

I love recruiting. It's so static. You can count on one thing staying the same, no matter how long you wait. Ok, maybe not. Not even a couple of days ago we talked to Omaha Westside running back Collins Okafor about his recent offer to Nebraska. He said he was going to make sure it was right. Well, it must have been right, because he's now officially a future Husker.

We'll let you go over the story we just did on Omaha Westside running back Collins Okafor.


Well, we just put it up today. And wouldn't you know it, tonight he's a future Husker.

Here's the earlier story done on Collins

It wasn't as if he wasn't being truthful in saying he wanted to wait. At the time, that's exactly what he wanted to do.

That's recruiting, and the old saying about Nebraska weather and how if you don't like it now, just wait five minutes and it will change – welcome to recruiting.

It wasn't an epiphany for Okafor, though. It was well thought out, but it was this last conversation with Nebraska running back coach Randy Jordan, that sealed the deal for the big red. "I just wanted to make sure, and I felt comfortable with talking to him," Okafor said. "He said he wanted me to be the replacement for Marlon Lucky, because that's how he saw me."

"I got excited about that, so if that's the case, it will be a good thing."

To talk to Collins, he's almost placid in his demeanor over a phone. Nothing too ecstatic, nothing dramatic – just a seemingly inscrutable disposition. He was like that initially in his conversation with Jordan, but he said that changed. "When I said I was going there, he got really excited and basically, he was screaming over the phone," Collins said. "Really, the more excited he seemed to be, I started to get more excited to. I really felt after that, that I made the right decision for me."

In our previous conversation Collins talked about how early it was in his career, how being just a junior he wanted to make sure to check everything out. As we have come to learn in recruiting, though, as you have seen illustrated today, recruiting changes, and without notice.

Okafor didn't see that happening for him down the future, but he did say that of questions he gets in a year, there's no way he could answer them now. "If someone is recruiting me, I don't want to be rude, but I'll let them know that I have made my decision," he said. "But if they ask me to visit, that's really an impossible question to answer right now."

"I wouldn't know how to answer that, so I'll just have to wait and see before I can tell you the answer to that question."

Okafor becomes the second commit for the class of 2008, joining fellow in-state star, Lincoln Southwest offensive lineman Baker Steinkuhler. Along with this duo are a couple more who have been offered – Omaha Centra's Ronnell Grixby and Elkhorn's Trevor Robinson.

Now that the decision is out of the way for Collins, he can think of bigger things and more important things on his mind.

"I'm studying physics right now," he said. "I'm going to be majoring in biochemistry in college, so it's a pretty important class."

Nuff said.

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