A different story for Ross?

Coming off of his official visit to Lincoln, David Ross rated the trip to Nebraska an ‘8'. Not too bad, but he still had Nebraska in second to Oregon on his list of favorites and he hadn't visited Oregon. Now, Ross is getting a little clearer story out there and talks about really being closer to being a Husker than being a Duck.

David Ross of Compton (Calif.) Dominguez is a little more fond of the Nebraska trip than what was originally reported. The 6-foot-0 and 175 pound standout liked the trip.

"The visit was like an ‘8'," Ross said. "However, I did commit to Nebraska. It was a soft commit."

This is where that recruiting dictionary would be handy. What is a soft commit? What is a hard commit? Ross gave his definitions of the terms.

"I told Nebraska that I would commit, but I would like to make my other trips. That is a soft commit. I want to look into if I am interested in any other schools."

"A hard commit, is a commitment that you commit and you don't make any more trips. That's what I think they are."

Ross knows about two of his other trips and still says that Nebraska is number two behind Oregon, but he said that there is a reason for that.

"Two other trips are going to be Oregon and to Washington. I still have Nebraska as number two behind Oregon."

"Oregon has always been my top school. Always has been since I was a little kid. That doesn't mean that I am going end up in Oregon."

"I felt like I would be able to play at Nebraska, early, and that is what I want to do. They told me that and I can feel that."

While Oregon has been Ross' childhood favorite he says that the chances are very, very good that he will be signing with Nebraska.

"Out of 100, I feel like the chances are about 80% that I will be signing with Nebraska. That's even with an Oregon trip to come. This is about business."

If the choice is Nebraska or Oregon, it won't matter to Ross or his family. He has their support no matter what school he decides on.

"My mom is behind me 100%. Wherever I am playing at she is going to find a way to get there. She is very supportive."

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