Only one more official to go

You know what you are doing in three months? How about three days? Ok, three hours? Well, Brewer is all but ready for the season to begin, because he has just about everything covered, except for the pledge to a school. with four official visits scheduled, he has one more to go and the final list of five will be complete.

Mikal Brewer Profile

Mikal Brewer - OL - 6-3, 285, 5.01/40 - As most players are scrambling about trying to sort out all their favorites, some players have seemingly got it down. They've thought about the institutions at the next level, done some analysis as to what they want and have set up all or most of their official visits, while taking unofficial visits locally, making sure not to miss a thing. With almost marine-like precision, they are mulling through their opportunities, establishing an itinerary, so that when their final season of high school ball arrives, that's all they have to think about. Mikal is ready for a season with few distractions as he has done his best to rid himself of the most obvious distraction, where to visit, when to visit and evaluating even more. He's ready for football to begin.

Mikal (like any other player) has been ready for the season since the season ended last year. He's ready to bang some heads, play some good old smashmouth football and get down to doing what he does best. What Mikal does best just happens to be damn good. So good, he's got some major heavyweights on his tail. Colleges flock after gritty, tough players and Brewer finds his name prominently amongst that list, but it's also because he's just that good.

Every player has their own philosophy as to what makes them the player they are. Whether it's strength, consistent practice, just great instincts for the game or what have you, the common denominator for all great players isn't what you can see, it's what you can't. Mikal attributes some of his success not just to his work ethic, but a different sport altogether. "I am a wrestler, so I have good balance." Mikal stated. "That has always been one of my strongest points. Even if a player gets me to start to lean or anything, I can usually make up for it."

As per your typical wrestler, Mikal has what it takes upstairs. Well, not that far though Brewer is intelligent, we're actually talking about that brutish upper-body. With a bench of 340 complimented by a 500+ squat, Brewer's balance doesn't exist just in posture but in strength as well. You could imagine a player with Mikal's speed and strength as an explosive blocker off the line. Quick from the down position and even quicker on his feet, the obvious potency at run-blocking is there, which is something Mikal is somewhat partial to. "I like the run-blocking, simply because of the explosiveness." Brewer stated.

Just ask a lineman though what he likes best about run-blocking. Or better yet, what situation does a "big ugly" look forward to more than anything else during the course of a game. Offensive linemen love to pull. "I absolutely love pulling." Mikal said. "My favorite play is a "GT". It's when the guard and tackle pulls and I take out the end. It's great. Last year, I played tackle and got to up the field and hit the linebacker. I loved that. You are turning the tables on them. They aren't running at you the whole game. You finally get a shot at them."

Mikal relishes those times when he is on the offensive mode rather than defensive, giving the hits instead of taking them. With each moment that comes that offers him just that opportunity, he's aggressive, yes, but he's also careful, because one never wants to waste a chance to teach a defensive player a lesson. "If you look straight at a guy (a defensive player), they get out of the way, so what I like to do is run at an angle and just nail them as I am running past them. That is great. I love that."

Mikal has a gift for beating a guy senseless on the field, but he admits that he doesn't have that gift of gab that some would use as they watch a struggling defender pull themselves from the ground. "I was just never any good at that (trash talking), so I just left it to somebody else." Brewer stated. "Our center was awesome at it. He could do it all game long for me. I couldn't do it at all."

Some wont' mind that Mikal's talents aren't laden into what he says, but will be quite grateful that he's definitely accomplished at what he does instead. And, it's what he does and how well he does it that has teams scooting over, just to take a look. Some have seen enough and they are some of the elite. Teams like Arizona, Stanford, UCLA and Nebraska have all offered him and teams like Notre Dame are waiting in the wings.

As we pointed out in the beginning, Mikal didn't waste a lot of time when looking at those that were looking at him and deciding on what he was going to do. In fact, Mikal has only one official left so schedule, that one probably going to Notre Dame in December. If the Irish do indeed get a visit, they will finish Brewer's list as he will also be officially visiting; Nebraska (Aug. 24th), Vanderbilt (Sep 28th), Northwestern (Nov. 15th) and Stanford (Nov. 29th). Along with those officials though, Mikal plans on taking the unofficial route to three other teams a little more local in their proximity, that being UCLA, Arizona and Arizona State. Mikal is definitely covering all his bases wanting to leave his decision without a shred of doubt.

As for a decision as to where Mikal will eventually end up, it's probable that you could see a choice as early as mid-December. Mikal stated that the wrestling season (after football) takes up the prime opportunities to visit, that being on weekends. So, as you saw from the dates above, Mikal's final visit will be at a time where some will be making their first, so the final choice of where this highly coveted linemen will eventually go, it's really not that far away.

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