Turenne planning Nebraska visit

Do you want a shut down cornerback? There might not be any better in the nation than Woodny Turenne from Visalia (Calif.) College of the Sequoias. At 6-foot-2 and close to 200 pounds, he is built like a safety, but has that physical build and speed to play bump and run with the best wide receivers. With one official visit under his belt, Woodny is eyeing another one in the coming weeks.

Recruiting has to be a little hectic if you are the top rated cornerback in the nation. Woodny Turenne is leading his team to a potential bowl game. The 6-foot-2 and 190 pound cornerback said that one more win was necessary to get that bowl game.

"I'm alright," Turenne said. "We are 5-2 right now. We have a few more games to go, but we only need to win one more to get bowl eligible."

As you would expect, not a lot of teams are throwing to receivers in Turenne's direction. He has had a chance to make some plays, but those come from very few opportunities.

"People aren't throwing my way a whole lot. I have one pick, a few deflections and a couple of tackles. All of my other picks have been ruled out of bounds and stuff like that."

"Towards the start of the season, teams would come out and throw my way a couple of times. After that though they didn't come my way. Maybe a few times a game is all."

With the season, Turenne has been busy, but he had a chance to take an official visit. With one under his belt, Turenne is looking to take some more.

"I have only been out to Florida so far. I have to talk to my coaches about some things about where I will take some other visits."

Tentatively, there is a visit scheduled for Turenne for the week of Thanksgiving. "Yeah, I am scheduled to come into Nebraska for the Colorado game. That's not a done deal yet, but I am thinking about it."

"Coach John Blake has been recruiting me from Nebraska. He's a great guy. We talk about football and my classes, stuff like that."

Turenne wants to go to a team that is going to challenge for a championship while he is there. "I really just want to go to a good team and a team that is going to challenge for a championship."

There is a leader for Turenne, but he says that is something that could change with some of his upcoming official visits. "For right now, Florida is my leader. That can change though after I take any of my other visits."

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