Kerley firming up his decision?

There aren't many more "electric" players in the state of Texas other than Jeremy Kerley. The kid could help a college team from a number of different positions including wide receiver, running back, defensive back and special teams. Kerley committed early to TCU, but was pondering other visits. Is he still?

Jeremy Kerley, the 5-foot-11 and 180-pound athlete from Hutto (Texas), is leading his team to a very good season. He is playing quarterback this year and is giving others their chance to shine.

"Everything is going good," Kerley said. "I think that we are 5-1. We have three more district games before playoffs start. We aren't in playoffs right now, but we have a pretty good shot."

"I am playing quarterback this year. I am being the same player. I got my scholarship. I want to give other people their time to shine."

‘His scholarship' is a bit of an indication that Kerley has the offer that he wants. Not only does he have the one that he wants, but also Kerley is regretting looking around a little.

"I made a commitment to TCU. I think that I don't want show any disrespect to them. That was kind of a mistake on my part."

Kerley was still considering other official visits, even one coming up to Nebraska again. However, it seems that visit will not happen and Kerley will be firming up his commitment to TCU.

"I am not going to go to Nebraska this weekend. After talking with the TCU coaches I will make a decision on what it is I want to do about anymore official visits."

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