Washington Mauler, Viliamu Kuaea

Now, here's your typical mauler. A guy that isn't so tall, but plays above and beyond what his physical stature would say. A guy that defies his measurements to bring attention to himself and frustration to the defender trying to get around him. He's stocky, he's physical and Viliamu has a pension for making an impression, sometimes that being of the defender into the turf. He's yet another standout linemen that has the west coast schools (and more) riveted to his season to come.

Viliamu Kuaea Profile

Viliamu Kuaea - OL - 6-1.5, 315, 5.2 - Lakewood, WA. (Lakes) - I don't know about you, but if I jog to the end of the block, I need CPR. And, I am just over 220. Kuaea jogs two miles every single day and he's almost a full hundred pounds heavier. Add to that, that he lifts weights at night, his dedication to his on-the-field conditioning is obvious. "You have to work hard." Viliamu stated. "You don't get to play if you don't." Simply stated, but it's a simple philosophy. Those who do, do and those who don't, don't.

Viliamu is a pulling guard. For anyone that analyzes positions, this would automatically say to you that Kuaea would have to have reasonably good feet, decent speed and an ability to block on the run. Viliamu admits that pulling is the best part of run-blocking as he gets to lay some punishment on those that sorely deserve it. "They (the defensive players) just love running their mouth out there and you are the only one that can't say anything." Kuaea stated. "You just have to sit there and listen to them." Not resigning himself to be a spectator to defensive antics though, Kuaea said he has a simple philosophy. "When they do that, you know it's game time and that's when you just say to yourself that you have to hit them hard the whole game long." I don't know about you, but even the sturdy D-lineman would have to find some discomfort at the thought of getting lambasted by this bulky bruiser all game long.

When it comes to high caliber players, the school that Viliamu attends (Lakes), there hasn't been a shortage. One of the most recent standouts to come out of this school was the Washington freshmen phenom, Reggie Williams. Reggie Williams was actually rated as the top receiver in the entire country when he was going into his final year at Lakes, so talent is something Lakes has in bunches. Viliamu hasn't reached Williams' stature of recognition, but he is being recognized and by some pretty hefty schools. Those that have been the most intense in their interest for Kuaea have been Washington, Oregon, Oregon State, UCLA, Nevada, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Thus far though, no offers.

And why?

Well, Viliamu isn't alone as many players are struggling to make up for times past and like many, school wasn't always the most important thing. With his excelling grades over the Summer however and a strong goal for what he does off the field, this season, Kuaea is quite certain he is going to be good to go. With the possibility of that happening, those schools that are sending him three pieces of mail a week will find Viliamu too good to pass up, but that isn't right now. "All the schools are telling me the same thing." Viliamu said. "They want to see what I do on the field, but they want to see how my grades turn out to."

If Kuaea makes the grade, just pencil him in as someone that has what it takes to play for all those schools listed above. He's short, but stocky, thick but flexible and strong, but can be quick when needed. Plus, he loves beating the hell out of the other guy. If you can't love that about a player, you need to check your pulse.

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