Zusevics planning Nebraska visit

There are some keys to playing center and the biggest might be natural athleticism. If you are looking for an athletic center then there might not be any better in the nation than Markus Zusevics of Mount Prospect (Ill.). Zusevics not only anchors the "OLine", but he is also an outside hitter on the volleyball team.

Markus Zusevics has amazing athleticism for a guy with his size. When he isn't getting pancakes playing line for Mount Prospect (Ill.) he is spiking volleyballs as an outside hitter.

At 6-foot-5 and over 250 pounds, that is pretty amazing athleticism. He has a 4.8/40 and a 34-inch vertical that can help him hit 10-foot-10 with an 8-foot extension.

"The season is going real good actually," Zusevics said. "We're 8-1 and headed into the first round of the playoffs right now."

"I was playing some different positions during the season. I started at defensive end the first three games, but after that I just stuck to center."

Zusevics has been busy with recruiting along with the season. He has taken a couple of unofficials before the season and has a couple of officials planned. "I took unofficials to Illinois and Northwestern before the season started."

"Recruiting has been going really good actually. I am scheduled to go to Nebraska on November 24. I am planning on visiting Michigan State as well."

With the pending date to Nebraska, Zusevics is looking for a couple key things. "I am looking for a good coaching staff that you relate to. Just real good guys. I would also like to see a really nice atmosphere to play at."

Overall, Zusevics is as concerned, if not more concerned, with the academics at a particular school and with the football program. "I am big into academics. I also will be looking at how big the program is."

Zusevics was getting some looks to come and play volleyball in college and actually was pondering playing both sports at some schools. He isn't thinking about that anymore. "No, I just think that I am sticking to football."

A lot of teams are projecting Zusevics to play a number of positions in college. The range from anywhere to offensive tackle, tight end to defensive end. He has a preference as to which position he would like to play.

"I would actually prefer to play tight end in college. I think that it's a bit more natural to me than center. Nebraska likes me as a center."

Nebraska likes Zusevics as a center and he prefers tight end. Does that matter? "I am fine with that too. I like playing the line just as much, I think that I would just prefer to play tight end."

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