Kirkendoll thinking about Nebraska official

You either have speed or you are chasing it. Nebraska is trying to get some speed to stretch the field. They are after one of the fastest players in the state of Texas, James Kirkendoll. Kirkendoll is a 6-foot-0 and 170 pound athlete that could play a number of positions in college. He is doing a little of everything for Round Rock (Texas) this year.

Round Rock (Texas) is off to a good start due in large part to James Kirkendoll. He is doing everything except kicking duties. The 6-foot-0 and 170 pound athlete is standing out on offense, defense and special teams.

"We are doing good," Kirkendoll said. "We are 5-2 and 2-2 in district play. We are right now in fourth place for district. We are on track for playoffs. We have to win the next two and then get locked in."

"I have 440 receiving yards on 27 catches and I have 319 rushing yards on 19 carries. I have five rushing and one receiving, for touchdowns. I have three picks and 22 tackles to go with that."

Recruiting has been taking a bit of a back seat to the season for Kirkendoll so far. He has two officials planned and the three are left open. He will be choosing the three from a list of schools.

"I haven't taken any visits yet. I am going to take one to Tennessee and then one to Florida. The other three visits are up in the air right now."

"I am considering taking trips to Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Missouri for the final three."

Kirkendoll is looking at one key thing when it comes to making his choice. He would like the place to feel like home, but that is taking the back seat to one key component.

"I am looking for somewhere that I can come in and play early. I really don't want to redshirt. I want a place where it feels like home too, but playing time is the main thing."

Nebraska has been on Kirkendoll for a while. Against Texas, Nebraska really stood out to Kirkendoll and during the game he could see where his abilities to come to good use in Lincoln.

"Coach Shawn Watson is recruiting me from Nebraska. I think that Nebraska is a very good team. In my opinion, they should have beat Texas."

"I could definitely be a big play guy for them. I could see myself in the slot for them. I could also return punts and kicks. Just making big plays."

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