Witt wouldn't change a thing about trip

It's something when someone is taking their fourth trip to a place that they still walk away impressed. That is really how to sum up Patrick Witt's official visit to Nebraska. Having been there three times in the summer, this was the first time for Witt to see a full house in Lincoln and see game day activities.

Patrick Witt, from Wylie (Texas), was in Lincoln this past weekend for his official visit. The 6-foot-4 and 220 pound quarterback had seen Lincoln before, but still was blown away by the experience on his official.

"The trip was awesome," Witt said. "It was so scripted. All of our time was filled. We were going around meeting academic advisors, planning out my schedule."

"The food was amazing. They took us everywhere. Anywhere we wanted to go they took us. We got to talk to the coaches again and that was good for us."

One difference from the previous trips to his official might have been the opportunity to meet some different people. He was particularly impressed with his host.

"I really liked spending time with J.B. Phillips. He's someone that I think that I would really get a long with up there. He took me around. Showed me the campus and introduced me to some others on the team."

Patrick and his family were a little familiar with J.B.'s family before coming to Lincoln. While the sons hung out, the parents had time to get to know one another as well.

"Our parents had contacted one another. When we were going out that night, my parents were hanging out with J.B.'s parents. They were back at the hotel having dinner and we went out."

Overall, Witt said that he couldn't believe the treatment that he and his family received from the people at Nebraska. "We were treated like royalty. We really were. I can't even begin to describe the whole thing and how comfortable I was up there."

Another person that Witt got a chance to meet in person this past weekend was Husker commit, Blake Lawrence. Blake and Patrick had exchanged messages and spoke to one another on the phone before, but getting a chance to meet might have cleared up the roommate situation.

"It was awesome. I had seen pictures of him before, but you really can't read a person until you meet him. He's just a great guy. Right off the bat we hit it off. We just talked and watched the game together."

"I really think that we will room together when he gets up there. Hopefully all of that works out because I am really looking forward to him getting up there."

With all of the prep work that the coaches could do, nothing really got Witt ready for what he saw on Saturday. The whole experience was overwhelming.

"All of the coaches did their best to prepare me for what the gameday experience would be like. They all said that I wouldn't know what it was going to be like until you actually experience it."

"I was blown away. Driving into two there were parking lots miles away from the stadium absolutely packed with tailgaters. Once we got there, outside the stadium, there were people just watching the game outside the stadium."

"Once we got into the stadium, it was just an absolute packed house. There was just red everywhere. The place was just so loud and rockin'. The game experience itself was amazing."

It was a great weather weekend and a big game for Nebraska to win. "Nebraska played great. It was a big win. All of the coaches were excited afterward, so were the players."

"Being able to go into the locker room after the game was really special. Getting a chance to hear coach Bill Callahan speak after a big game like that, to witness the tradition, was amazing."

There were a couple of players that Witt would have liked to have met, but unfortunately he didn't find them. A familiar face did come back around though and offered up some good advice to Witt about time management.

"I didn't get a chance to meet Zac Taylor or Sam Keller. I ran into Dane Todd again. I saw him on an unofficial. He came up to me and gave me some great advice about playing ball and balancing school. He's an academic all-American and great player. He's someone that I look up to."

One of the better experiences that Witt had came well after the game. It was a great experience for that type of time with a coach and with a player.

"I had dinner at Coach Shawn Watson's house. The food was incredible. I really enjoyed spending time with Adam, his son, who is on the team."

"We really hit it off. He's great. It's different to really sit down and talk about the team and what goes on. That was interesting. I really just enjoyed talking to him. It was great insight."

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