New offer for athletic Florida LB

It sometimes can be a real draw back in a recruit's mind when a school offers after another. More than that, and in this case, doesn't offer until the season has ended. This recruit is thinking otherwise though after having picked up a recent offer from Nebraska. New offer in hand could put him on an official to Lincoln in as soon as two weeks.

One of the best linebackers in the state of Florida is Brandon Hicks. The 6-foot-2 and 205 pound linebacker from Jacksonville (Flor.) Nathan Bedford Forrest has the size to play linebacker and the speed to play safety.

This past season was a bit different for Hicks who found himself dropping back into coverage more than the previous year. Hicks and his team's season have come to an end finishing with a record of 5-5.

"We just finished the season," Hicks said. "We didn't make the playoffs. We lost a game a week ago by one point and we didn't make it in."

"I don't know my stats off of the top of my head. I didn't have as many sacks as I did last year. This year I basically dropped like a DB. We ran a 3-3-5. I was mostly in space all year."

Being feared as a speed rusher one year and then playing in space like a safety the next year, one thing is for sure and that is Hicks is versatile. Hicks was a threat for a big play whenever he was on the field.

"I think that I can drop back. I do like going and rushing at the same time. I can plug gaps, but I say mostly drop. If they try and throw to my person I am going to get the ball before they do."

"I can make the interception. I had three or four interceptions on the year. I played some offense too at wide receiver and tight end. I scored three touchdowns on offense, scored two on defense and two on special teams.

A lot of teams have been in on Hicks for a long time. Teams like Florida, Michigan and Miami have all stepped up with an offer. Recently, Nebraska just added their name to the list.

"Nebraska just offered me. It was this week, yesterday, just on Monday. My coach knows coach Randy Jordan. Coach Jordan called me and spoke to me and my parents. He said that Nebraska was going to offer me."

"He said that he wanted me to come up for an official visit on November 24. I just need to go and talk it over with my parents."

Getting an offer this late can be a bit of a waste of time. Sometimes, favorites are established for so long that it would be tough to crack that list. It was that way for Hicks too, but he did say that Nebraska is an offer that he will be considering.

"It really depended on who offered. Nebraska is a team that I am interested in. The offer does interest me."

A topic that was already brought up was an official. Hicks is considering an official visit to Lincoln for the Colorado game. One of the reasons things are moving so quickly has been Nebraska's coach taking the time to really talk to the entire Hicks family.

"Not yet, but me and my dad was talking to the coach for Nebraska and he was wanting me to come down on November 24. I think that Coach Jordan spoke with my mom and dad for 20 or 30 minutes a piece."

"I didn't know that he was on the phone. He just spoke to my mom and dad before I even knew. I just knew that they were on the phone for a while and I heard my name get brought up. I was just like ‘Huh?'".

"I just kind of didn't pay attention and started thinking that it might be a teacher. I just kept thinking that I didn't do anything. When I was told that the coach for Nebraska wanted to talk to me I was like ‘For real? Whew.'"

While Nebraska is working the recruit and the parents, another part that typically needs to be worked is already in place. Coach Randy Jordan has known Hicks coach at Nathan Bedford Forrest since college.

"Coach Clemons and I are very close. Coach Clemons played with Randy Jordan at North Carolina. Coach Clemons played defensive line. We are tight."

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