New offer changes timetable for commitment

The season just ended and seemingly at the end of the year was supposed to be a commitment. The commitment was to come the week following the season ended and then a Nebraska offer happened. Things have to be re-evaluated and a trip to see Lincoln has been set for Nebraska's last home game. The world will know his fate following that game though.

Nebraska has thrown their offer in for a kicker from Fort Worth (Texas) North Crowley. Adi Kunalic is a 6-foot-0 and 200 pound kicker that hasn't had the type of year that he did before when they were 9-2 and there is no chance of playoffs this year.

"The season didn't go so good," Kunalic said. "We aren't even going to go to the playoffs or anything. We are 2-7 right now."

"I do have about a 90% touchback percentage this year, or better, but I have been punting more this year than kicking field goals. We never get that close and even if we are we are playing catch-up."

This season was about limited opportunities for Kunalic. The team this year was never really in a position to use him as a weapon. In fact, they were playing catch up too often that three points just wasn't going to make a big difference.

"I kicked a 39-yarder in a close game that we won, 29-27. I kicked a 36-yarder last week and that was a close game. But all of the other games weren't really close so I didn't kick any field goals."

"My longest ever was 57 yards in a game. There was a little bit of wind. I am using a 1-inch tee right now. I already kick off the ground. My tape that I sent to colleges was off the ground and I am nailing a 55-yarder."

Although the season has been a little rocky, last night was pretty exciting for Kunalic. The latest offer came and he has already set up an official visit for Nebraska.

"I picked up an offer from Nebraska last night. I am pretty excited about the offer. I am excited to get a chance to go up there and take a visit."

"I am going on November 24 to Nebraska. I just want to have a fun time. I was at Washington State when they played USC. I had a great time there."

For Nebraska, it's about getting that offer in just before the door closed. While the season is almost over for North Crowley so was Crowley's recruiting process. Until Nebraska offered.

"I was going to commit to someone by the end of this week, but Nebraska offered me last night and I am going to go up there and see how that is. It's all about timing."

Kunalic has been up to see Washington State so he knows what he is looking for on official visits and in a school. There is also some other things that he will consider before he makes a decision.

"Definitely the football program. Then the school overall. I wan to see how fun the atmosphere is and also my parents want me to stay kind of close to home. Not too far away anyway."

With the Nebraska offer, Kunalic is up to four offers. "I have four offers now. They're from Connecticut, Utah, Washington State and Nebraska."

With his last visit set to Nebraska in two and a half weeks and a decision that was supposed to come this week, how long after the official to Nebraska can a decision be expected from Kunalic?

"Not that long at all actually. I think that I am going to know as soon as I get back. I don't think that it's going to take that long at all."

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